To all readers and heroes

If any men (or for that matter, ladies also), who are heroes in my blog, stumble upon this website, and - despite being fictionalized - hurry to relate personally to my stories, then they (and others) should read this post first.

Why do I blog ? Why do I tell a story? Because of how some events in my life made me feel and 'cause I had a wonderous experience and adventures (well, maybe even someone like you). Hashtag there-was-a-blessing or a lesson in my life.

I think people I meet are special and (their character traits) deserve mentioning, being described and told about - your lordly manners and behaviors, your thoughts, your deeds, some puzzle pieces of your life and the moment we met and went alongside on this planet.

You may not realise this, but girls like me are genuinely interested in what and how (especially!) men think. Females are the feeling creatures, men are the thinking ones. Instead of constantly wondering, I prefer to decently interview and experience - that's how I get the basic for the footage in my #lifehacks section of the blog.

Some stories come along without me doing much, others need more creativity and time to be posted. The stories unfold, I feel them through and adjust them to fit the blog.

You inspired me, you took care of me, you made me feel. I am grateful for each experience and insight, for each felt and exciting moment. What I do is just ordering events into a romantic patchwork on this website. The world needs your story. I am sending it into the world.

How I write

  • Creatively

  • Secretively (no mentions of names, I mix and match character traits, use events to fit a moral or fit points into the events - I let the reader guess, feel with, finish parts of the plot)

  • In the zone (e.g. by sketching my stories there and then, @ the locations that are setting the scene and helping me keep the plot fresh in my mind).

  • I add magic.. I dream and fantasize; my source of inspiration is to watch romantic films, read books and follow other fellow bloggers. Something where you use your imagination and magic and (possibly girly) beliefs and trips to juicify the story…

  • I wonder with open curious eyes through this life and am grateful for all stories and adventures. I take it from the perspective of a lesson and convert events into personal stories, #lifehacks and wisdoms

  • I document events in this blog as if it was a personal diary, to keep memories of events and conversations that would have been forever gone without my digital ink

  • I like using fiction and various techniques to enrich my writing and excite the reader