Opening Pandora Box - Part II

Tiger's Cave

We'd lay on the bed the night before our honeymoon. There was no present given to Tiger yet to mark such a happy milestone as their marriage.

You guessed it, I was revising my blog. Precisely speaking, the Italian part of it as our flight went to our favourite escape come morning.

"I would like to share a teaser, as a little present to celebrate our wedding and increase the anticipation," I said.

My phone's screen turned out to be small for him to hold and read, and whilst my heart was beating fast, I had a million thoughts both about this article, and improving my next pandora moments by upgrading to larger devices.

Even though I asked him to promise me not to follow up on the origin, the point of no return was long gone. Pandora was open as I laid there observing Tiger reading on my i-phone. What I would give to get inside his head then!

Contrary to India, where I hardly controlled my excitement showing the Weltbuehne story to Tiger first time, I now was lying there as a boss. As a boss of a start-up though, because I was both observing my feels and realising that I was excited and roller-coasting. I longed for his feedback, yet I was afraid of it at once.

He was emotional at certain passages again. I guess it is the best feedback, that you can get, even if it is a silent one.

He then knew, where I was reciting the short stories from, using phrases and memories in my video creations. He was reciting some of those phrases himself, even prio to me showing him the Italian story. Scarlett was not only alive, she was public now.

"Thank you," he said handing me the phone back. "Would you like to publish it?"


"It is a novel to be published."

I shook my head. For now, I was happy to have those stories on my blog only. Could he not guess they were published material already?

Hugging, we fell asleep.