Lanzarote and Reasons Why

Hi there! In this article I have collected tips for your next Lanzarote trip. The story also contains general lessons learnt which can be applied to any trip.

I sit at the gate area, playing with my camera settings. Back then I used to take some pictures, on my phone mostly and very little video footage.

Tip 1: take as many good quality footage (both pics and video) as you can. Nowadays I capture from beginning to end, RAW and video record trips to bring the story to my readers and followers.

The spirit of the upcoming holidays is in the air. This time I travel with my family, our first join vacation since ages.

An endless bus trip finally stops at our hotel and we roll the luggage to the reception area. The girl greets us and speaks little German to my parents' disappointment. Spanish lessons pay off, helping me get what we need. We settle in our room and get out to explore the area.

Tip 2: hire a transport from the airport to your hotel. This saves you time and adds to your comfort.


The overall exterior design of the hotel is relaxing and thoughtful - I especially like the seating corner, with chairs and an improvised marquise over the bed, flowers and a warrior sculpture.

I pass this this arrangement before entering the coast promenade.

The sun is strong and the water surface is blinding. The breeze is wet and cooling the me and other tourists on the coast path.

The water front is drawing me - with its looks and sounds - to come closer and feel the waves.


Out of 'mas o menos' 600 pictures taken that holiday, the majority of the motives were sunsets, followed by cats and dogs on the island.

They say the sunsets on the islands, because of the proximity to the ocean, are the most dramatic ones.

Tip: go see Lanzarote's sunsets. The view over the Atlantic will hypnotise you. A strall on a coastal path will do. Bring your cam. And if you want to spice it up, pack a picnic basket with some snacks and drinks to accompany the sunset show.

Tip: A day trip to Arrecife

Rent a car or take a bus - most of the public transport stop in the island's capital Arrecife. The city has a harbour, and a long sea-side promenade which will take you from Playa del Riducto to the 16th century castillo, used to protect he island from the pirates.

For shopping and history buildings head to Calle Real.

Charco de San Gines is a small lake and the oldest fisher's place - cute for those blue nostalgic motives with old boats everywhere you look.

A church of San Gines also belongs to the sight above.

Timanfaya National Park

We booked a guided bus tour to the volcanoes. I am sure you can rent a car and go there ourselves. The Montanas del Fuego are 300 degrees celsius hot under ground, attracting tourists to see the landscape and taste food from the natural grill.

Wine plantages also settle here. The taste of the wine, produced with the Malvasia grape is sweet.

I was impressed how such boring black landscape is so multi-faceted when looking closer.


Stay tuned - in my next article I will tell you more about things to see in Lanzarote such as Teguise local market, Casa Blanca and its owner, and many more.