Bloody Mary at Noon

As I walk past Rua de Sao Paulo, the sound of a bell, ringing to signify a ready to be picked up order, reaches my ears. I turn my head. What's this place? Do I want to nip in and check?

You can guess or read on what I check for: porta filter, looks good. Check.

I enter... a blond, curly haired waitress looks at me: "Fala?"

I ask her if it's ok to sit at the bar...

Making myself comfortable on a tall bar stool, I observe a dark haired bartender girl with a messy ponytail, carefully putting various berries onto some sort of creation which I cannot see behind a whipped cream container. Food art, I like it.



fresh things,

made with love.

Their coffee machine is a "La marzocco" from Florence. Baristas are utilizing the machine and pour milky art into the white mugs, as I watch them.

The blond waitress is still ignoring me. Instead, she is busy pouring Absolute vodka into a glass. It's not even bloody noon yet and someone already orders a Bloody Mary!! The bartender is swift, juggling tall jars of freshly pressed juices, chia seeds and yoghurt bowls.

Yawn, not multi-tasking enough to pay attention to me... Honestly, I was ready to leave after she greeted a couple who arrived after me, gave them the menu and placed them at the bar. Why not me?

Me, me, me... I drill my pride down and sit-n-wait. I catch myself waiting for life to happen to me. Waiting for some guy to text, waiting for hairdresser's to WhatsApp a slot today... Waiting for the waitress to take my order...Longing for the memories of last year to revive. I am pretty good at keeping memories, as far as navigating central Lisbon concerns. As I am about to fight the urge of taking instagrammable pictures of this place, the blond girl addresses me: "Have you chosen yet?"

She finally has time for my order.

And, as my double espresso arrives, it tastes fruity.

I sip, look around and think: this place is full of life.

I steal the menu from my neighbor's and what I read all sounds delish. I am not hungry yet, I wish I were. Still, I think I've just made a new discovery and a great place to have lunch or dinner.

Comoba bar Lisboa happened to me today and gave me yet another energetic injection. And I don't mean just coffee.

Another bonus to this place which does not need any promotion - their Instagram posts may lack texts but not likes.

What is the value proposition you offer to this world? Does it like you back? I guess I need a bloody Mary to help me answer.