The Soft Curve

Re-watching the film "Sex and Mrs.X" was on my fun to-do list for my annual leave. If you are not familiar with the movie, it is a Cinderella make over story; both full of take away's and definitely humorous to watch.

Last week the time came to have a movie night.  In the middle of the film I had to stop: my simple watching turned into a research about sexuality, females, make overs and romance. I paused almost each scene to dive deeper into the plot, both dialogue and background. Read my notes below, the so called lessons to take away.


Plot summary is about an American journalist Joanne, whose 10 year old marriage is in a crisis - he husband is having an affair with another woman. Taking some time apart, Joanne accepts a new job offer to go to Paris and research for an article about Madame Simone.


Madame Simone was not always the way she was. It was a personal crisis that turned her into a vamp and specialist in seduction. So, instantly there was a connection between the American reporter and Madame Simone, even though both do not speak openly about their marriages to start with.


Madame Simone lives in a rich estate, with gardeners and servants. Her house is luxurious, full of style, it is classy inside and out. Interior is grand, spacey and shows passion for art and cosiness, e.g. by a fire-place in the library.


Sculptures, vases and paintings decorate Madame Simone's home. The scenes are mainly filmed in the study and the library. 


What is it that Madame Simone does? Joanne labels it as a pimping job: selling girls to rich men for money. Madame Simone describes it as "fulfilling dreams". I think it is about the true meaning of developing a strong relationship beyond sex: romance, companionship and devotion. To achieve this she teaches her students to be "comfortable" with themselves first.

It is not money that is primarily in focus. Madame gets to know her clients well and looks for similarities before the match; she chooses to work with girls with potential and helps them find a worthy husband. It proves that she is choosing men wisely, when she declines the offer of a horse racing fan in Cafe de la Paix.

Art to Seduce

  • Appearances matter. Well looked after woman gains self-confidence and is attractive to men.

  • Same goes for qualitative, sexy underwear.

  • A lady needs to know (read) about kissing and how to move (e.g. dancing). Knowledge also applies to men's areas of work and interests, and to wines.

  • Balance between your inner male and female is key. Joanne is focused on her inner values and job, rather than her appearance. She believes, primarily her inner talent and independence are attractive to her husband and matter most; Joanne's inner male dominates. On the contrary, Madame Simone's students have to gain more inner male properties  in order to match the level of their visual attractiveness by showing mind and power.

Surviving Break ups

First it is a chance to focus on yourself, you gain more time.

It is a chance to have fun and strive: Joanne travels, learns and develops, has a new romance, impressions and fun. She rediscovers herself. She falls in love with herself and there - men are attracted to her; especially her husband - whose attention she was dying to revive through the whole film.


It was putting a smile on my face and excitement in my soul seeing scenes of Paris. Is it not pleasant and somewhat homey seeing places, that you have visited, in a film? I recognised Cafe de la Paix and other places from my article "C'est tres joli"; a pleasant coincidence of the film reviving a personal story by playing the well-known Paresian sights.

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