Spread Eagle S*x

Sunday lunch. "How is O. doing in Berlin? Him and his new love?"

I've not heard from his re. this yet," Tiger answered, then added: "in fact I did. O met her on a partner search portal, she works in a similar sector as he does. He said she'd "keep her feet on the ground" and that was what he liked about her."

"Keeping feet on the ground as in.." Claire prompted.

"As in 'earn her own money and act independent'. Means she'd be fine even if O. were not around." Tiger explained.


"Well, there are a lot of examples where women do not act independent. In fact, it is a typical image of a German lady, especially in a high society. Mummy and Daddy would sort all problems, and their daughter - the Princess - would just BE there to have everything served on a silver plate. I tell you, every man knows this story. Gorilla, O. and I included."

"Did you have only such girlfriends?"

"Not always, but mostly. And I tell you more. These women were passive in all aspects. This is what I see as a contrast in you: we have common interests and we are lovers, friends and partners. I understand and support you (say you'd wanna go abroad) and vice versa. Unfortunately, there are other examples, and my previous relationships serve a good proof - I used to be the entertainer and come up with ideas for the dates and I had to finance our outings, too!"

"At least, these women know it all about Gucci and Prada," Claire suggested.

Tiger nodded: "They do but they do not have a full appreciation of what it means or how hard other people would work to get such an accessoire."

They continued eating for a while before Tiger spoke up again: "it only goes well if such a Princess meets a Prince. And they can only sustain it, if they learn how to keep-n-grow money whilst their sponsors' are alive."

"Are these Princesses good in bed?" Claire was straight to the bone, as the blog footage was emerging.

Tiger laughed then said: "Well why! Why would they be any different as anyone else?"

Claire was quiet, trying not to disturb the story flow. Tiger continued: "They do a spread eagle, you know?"

Claire shook her head prompting Tiger to explain: "Well she'd lie in an X shape and not move much."

She looked at him astonished and curious. He was smiling at her. Claire murmored: "You are winding me up, right?"

"Yup!" Tiger laughed out loud in enjoyment.

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