Day Trip to Aarhus

Rough plan for the day:

  1. Getting to Aarhus by car, one option is to drop your car at the Aarhus central station car park

  2. See sights and drink coffee in the city centre

  3. Walk to Iceberg (30 mins one way from city centre)

  4. Have lunch at Aarhus Street Food (market stalls)

  5. Walk to historical "Den Gamle By" (20 mins one way from the Street Food place)


City Map, link


The downside of working on weekends was compensated by staying in DK on Saturday and Sunday that May.

She woke up in her favourite hotel in Vejle and saw Fjord for breakfast. The views that Fjord and its nature offered were never tiring but picturesque, inspiring and relaxing instead.

Blaine was about to arrive early, they had planned a day trip to the coolest and most favourite city in DK - Aarhus.

Finally she would see, why every young Dane was chuffed about this city.


Blaine put his car on the cruise control, she sat there enjoying the views and excited about the day ahead. It was like other early morning city trips: you get up early, it is warm, adventure spirit is in the air, you avoid the crowd and have a sense of achievement and richness of the day!

Upon arrival, Blaine proved his excellent car parking skills once more - it did not need proving, as she was sure and every time impressed - they kissed and left the central station garage to explore.

Aarhus offered an old European-looking city centre with cobbled pavement and famous shops on left and right, tunneling the way. Uma was less interested in shopping but sight-hunting instead: seeing and photographing something exciting. First proper snap was done at Vor Frue Church (church of old lady), hope you like it too.

They browsed some Danish design shops, and had a small Americano break at a local cafe.



Just like Hamburg or Liverpool, Aarhus has a water front, which was famous for trade and pirates in the early days. Nowadays it is another attraction to see, as you explore the city.

Being a huge Instagram fan, she stumbled upon some cool architecture views located in Aarhus: it was the famous Iceberg project, architectured by Mikkel Frost. This was the place she told Blaine about and wanted to see next.

On the way to the Iceberg, Blaine praised and spoke about his dream job - to develop young talents and execute a HR role. They saw Danish youth jogging and being sporty. Blaine commented on the way the girl ran: she only moved her legs in seamlessly small steps, holding her upper body tight and still.

The Iceberg was visible from the far, and impressive too. Block of modern flats looked great. The couple walked around the block, with Blaine talking about real estate investments and alternative places to live in Denmark. He liked the estate. Uma photographed, Blaine waited on the water front.


Street Food and Den Gamle By

They headed back to the city centre, hungry. Blaine had a cool plan in mind, leading her to the street market stalls - just like Borough or Greenwitch market in London. On the way there they spoke about his book and how he got ideas for it because his ex-wife had a crime lab job. Blaine also mentioned that in his free time, not having plans to visit Uma, he'd usually go to Aarhus and spend time walking along the water front.

At the Street Food place, which looked like a re-purposed barn, all was decorated nicely: various stalls attracted visitors by selling food and drink from different countries: Danish, English, Mexican. Blaine did a quick introduction tour, then both him and Uma split in different directions to choose their favourites for lunch. Uma had a Mexican burrito (remembering her favourite La Casa in UK) and the Danish girl at the stall was impressed by politeness Uma showed and praised her extra - this seemed paradoxical as Danes are usually well brought up and educated, their standards of quality are high - but nonetheless, the burrito-selling-lady was "sehnsuecht"ing politeness. Blaine went for a pulled meat burger with fries. All dishes looked amazing and it was a relaxed atmosphere as if everyone smoked weed or meditated regularly before going to this market.


If you ask some work colleagues from tips, they would recommend to see Den Gamle By - a historical Danish village, so Uma and Blaine headed there next. It's all about personal taste; Uma only liked one thing at the village: the Dansk Plakatmuseum displaying some DK arty illustrations. Again, Blaine looked fab observing art, standing in front of the exhibits thoughtfully with his arms crossed, so independent. Always independent, was he not?

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