Lisboa Diary

20.03.2018, Somewhere in Alfama

I am sitting here, sunbathing, on the Largo de Sao Rafael street.

I bought some stationary: a patterned tile-looking notebook and a pen in Portuguese style and now I am writing this.

I do not want the sun to go.

This morning I visited S.Vincente de Fora, put three candles and did some praying. Headed to Pantheon next. On my way there, in the yard, I bought a necklace and some earrings from the local street artists. The necklace would be later called "the Talisman" by Bane.

I am freezing here in Lisbon, mid of March, due to the rainy spring. All is warmer and nicer in the sun.

I had a coffee and a piece of dark chocolate at a neat cafe at the corner of the Pantheon, at least the colourfully painted houses look bright and "sunny" + add to my mood.

Later, I browsed some Alfama streets, shazamed some Fado music (are you interested in my Lisboa Spotify list? Then scroll to the end of this post).

Tourists come out of ordinary looking houses in hidden small streets (Bane told me that locals do not live in Lisbon city centre, but rent out (on Air instead). AirBnB must be booming!

I am drying my umbrella in the sun. My orange juice is gone.

It is so nice in the sun. It is so nice being in Alfama, its small labyrinthly streets. I wanna get lost.


23.03.2018, Close to Gulbenkian Museum

I am at the shopping mall, just bought an SD card for my camera. It is my last but one day. Dinner would be at the Petit cafe tonight, after doing some disciplined packing.

What about some last presents - e.g. a wine cork or some displays for your dearest or even a magnet for yourself?

Two parteis de nata today. I love this evil pastry stuff. Walking, lots of walking is essential though.

Buy and take some pasteis de nata home.

Do you need a supermarket before heading home? I think there must be still some olives, salad leaves and beans left, can go nicely with fried eggs and mushrooms for lunch.


Lisboa, you put a spell on me.

Smile, you are in Lisbon!

Pura poesia!


P.S. Lisboa Spotify Playlist for you: listen now.


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