The Indian Proposal

"You dated many appropriate gents but none of them had the balls asking for your hand." ~ The Oracle


She woke up in a dark hotel room, and stared still letting her eyes widen up to see in the darkness. It's been her first morning after illness, fainting at the hospital (and all that jazz) and she did not want to rush anything - lazily, she laid there in her bed. Tiger started turning around soon (as if he had a radar alerting him when she was awake) and said sleepily: “All the best for our anniversary. I love you!" Great first words upon waking up, hey? No need to rush, they laid there for a bit longer even though breakfast was already being served in the restaurant. Still in bed; Tiger dropped: “What time is the sunset tonight?”

“6:26 pm,” according to Google. He got up first and went to the door. In a "looking normal" conspiracy style, he carefully lifted the curtains and looked out left and right. 'Checking for water refill and neighbours', she thought.

After shower, the couple went for breakfast. Tiger was rebelling the Ayurveda diet on that day. He promised Scarlett that she could eat anything she wanted and he’d sort it for her (or get it sorted). In the middle of their breakfast, Tiger jumped up and ran to greet Siam, who was passing the restaurant. Siam was Tiger's masseur. Upon returning, Tiger explained, “I needed to check if I can have my treatment earlier today”. After breakfast, Tiger was alone in the room waiting for Scarlett to get ready. When she entered the bedroom, she found a bouquet of twenty something gerberas nicely arranged on her bed. “Lieblingsmensch” song sounded through the portable speaker. Tiger came up and kissed her to wish all the best on their (first) anniversary. So special!

Hundred more gerbera flowers arrived at the entrance soon after. The idea was to drop them all into a water bed, stems short and blossoms floating. It did not quite work out timewise, so they ordered a bucket of water and then spent the rest of their morning freeing the flowers up from their packaging and arranging them in the improvised vase. There were flowers everywhere - enough to open a shop - in the bathroom, in the living room, in the two drinking glasses, in a plastic bottle and in the bucket - pleasing everyone's sight.


Surprises continued in the afternoon. During lunch time, the housekeeping used the time to clean the couple's hotel room. Upon arrival, Scarlett and Tiger found a towel shaped as a heart with local flower petals, decorating the bed. Such a lovely gesture. They spent some time on the terrace, Tiger rocking the wooden arm-chair. Scarlett put the novel book down. "Tiger, let’s go for a walk to the sunset bar?" It was five pm.

"Not now, but I promise we will go there." Then he stood up, not able to keep the secret any longer. “I have arranged for a dinner, just you and I, at seven pm tonight, at the sunset bar”, he hugged her.


Indian Sunset

Time flew and soon they arrived at the bar. It was named after the sunsets that guests enjoyed, having a drink on the shore.

Bartenter was polishing glasses at the counter. One guest was already in the bar. It was an English lady, dressed in an Indian gown, having a Kingfishr pint. "Oh, noone was meant to be here but us," Tiger whispered entering.

The table for the couple was hard to miss - on a dark blue table curtain, local petals and flowers were leisurely but richly thrown, a candle and a little vase topping the table. Red linen napkins were beautifully folded into a 🌹 rose bud.

For dinner, Scarlett was wearing her linen dress, hair put up and dangling earrings to finish the look. They sat down and to her it seemed like no one was there - no resort guests on the island, no bartender and no British lady. Tiger started: “I am so happy and lucky to have you. Today is such a special day for me...“ “How is the table, sir?” Tiger, interrupted, lifted his glance at the restaurant manager. Upon hearing that all was well, the manager felt encouraged to continue praising his work: "We have put together a four course vegetarian menu for you tonight, sir!” It sounded polite but somewhat as if he’d be reporting for duty at the military... and as if Tiger was a commander in chief. The bartender came up and politely inquired: “May we serve? We got some mocktails for you ready to start with, sir!”


The waiter served water and mocktails then escaped behind the bar counter. Tiger and Scarlett sat there smiling at each other. Both were nervous. She tried to relax but could not. He meant so much to her that she was constantly trying to find words and topics that would interest both and be of relevance for the night.

Suddenly, a radio noise of lost connection roared from the bar counter, where the waiter was clicking around on an improvised sound system to find a nice tune. The first melody was “Girls like you”.

Scarlett shyly moved petals around. Still touching them, she said: “If I was not afraid to destroy the moment, I’d be going crazy on this venue with photography, table including”. Tiger laughed. It eased the situation a bit.

Overwhelmed by all the surprises and attention of today, Scarlett could not but show appreciation: “Tiger, thank you for so many special gifts and this dinner tonight! You are so attentive!" “I am grateful for what was and am looking forward to many more adventures with you!” “I would always like us to treat this relationship as a wonder!” Tiger agreed and said: “It is a wonder!” The table looked romantic. The sunset bar and the Indian island was romantic. The British lady still sat there ... and even she looked romantic in her Indian gown. ​

​ “It is my first candle light dinner of this sort", Tiger said. Somehow, Scarlett did not buy it - those Spotify playlists of Tiger's included too many seductive (Italian) songs. Scarlett fished: “...your first because it’s your first time in India?!”

Tiger agreed then (what Scarlett called) recited from his #charmerbook: “Well it’s also because I’ve not met you earlier."

Scarlett suggested "Shall we ask the lady to take a picture of you and I?” As if made for it, the lady was pleased to do Tiger a favor and stood ready to shoot some pictures.

The couple modestly smiled into the cam,. Scarlett reached out with her left hand and grabbed Tiger's right palm - both silver “rings" united - the lady was pleased to see it in the view finder and said “oh this is much better!!” - “do check if they are any good otherwise I will retake“, she kindly offered. Tiger met the lady the day after and she greeted him, remembering how beautiful and romantic it all was yesterday!!! Scarlett lifted her brow and said: "your Spotify list they got as well?” Tiger shook his head and said: “I’ve organized it all but the playlist - I did not ask for any special music," Tiger smirked, “this guy is a waiter, a barman and a dj too!” The conversation went from awkward to a bit at ease as the time went by. The British lady had left by then, Tiger and Scarlett dined alone with the waiter dj’ing in the background.


He remembered how they met at Weltbuehne and why he chose that location - in the middle and easy to get to from his workplace and hers. He remembered the tights that had a tatooish pattern. "My intentions were, of course, to see if your role could fit my company’s needs but mainly I had a different interest as you surely know by now. So, tell me what you thought of our first date in Weltbuehne,“ Tiger inquired curiously.

She tried to remember what she felt, murmured some compliments but was not able to put a good enough story together.


Whilst Sia was singing an accoustic version of romantic thrills through the speakers, Scarlett asked Tiger about his choice of the most romantic song. He humphed and said: "It would be 'Love' by Adoro“. He returned the question. Whilst getting Scarlett thinking, he politely said “Not that easy to find an answer, hey?”

Scarlett could not think of anything suitable.

Tige prompted:”Ed Sheehan?” Scarlett somewhat nodded, adding: “His songs are of a heart-broken guy, so maybe not the best choice, I will think of an answer...” she then remembered: “I don’t wanna miss a thing“ by Aerosmith. The song used to accompany her teeny years and it started like a sunrise, she thought. Definitely more romantic than Sheeran, at least for this occasion.


From Scarlett's diary: "I waited for his proposal whole day, whole trip and whole much longer. Tonight was the night. Then, a thought crossed my mind - maybe he would not ask 'cos again it’s clear - as in 'we’ve sent the wedding invites out!' type of clear."


Their dinner was vegetarian but not Ayurveda that night. They had

  • mango and mint juice

  • pepper cream soup

  • "paneer tikka" as in tofu skewers with salad and a spicy mint sauce

  • vegetables in tomato sauce, rice, potato hush brownies and chips

The courses were served loosely. The 'fruit platter' dessert was taking especially long, so they thought they’d skip it. She felt weak again and mentioned tiredness to Tiger.

He stood up. By then the bar was empty, who knows maybe the waiter gave the couple an opportunity to have a moment?

Tiger asked Scarlett to stay seated for a bit and knees down by her chair then said: "my dear, I love you more than anything in the world, I am so happy and proud to be with you and marry you and I promised you would get an official proposal from me so here it is!” She leaned towards him and said: "I am so happy to be your wife. I married you a long time ago."

He sat back down, commenting that he never had to make a proposal to say nothing of “propose in flip flops” - she added: “The official yes and a celebration is happening in June with our family and friends!” Tiger pronounced: “I am very much looking forward to this!” and the waiter arrived with the fruit platter, smiling.


On the way back to their hotel, they walked hugging and talking. “Thank you, Tiger, that you are walking the talk," Scarlett said somewhat nostalgically.

“Believe me, dear, I will always do my best!” Tiger exclaimed full of certainty for future action.

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