Advent Calendar

My dears,

Advent time is here. Make the season and the count-down more interesting for your dearest by creating a digital advent calendar.

The benefits of the digital calendar are:

  • it can accompany your material / analog presents

  • it is easy to create

  • it is minimalistic

  • it can be completely for free

  • it does not have to be fully ready December 1st

  • there are options for calendars beyond December (e.g. January), should you wish to deviate

Where to host your calendar

I prefer this easy to use website:, but there are more on the web if you search. Advientos supports different languages and is completely for free (if you like it, you can donate).

Sign up to enter the website.

Configure your calendar : give it name, choose how many windows should it have and select the background of your calendar.


OK, now you are ready to fill your calendar. I would love to hear about your ideas for fillings, digital presents and footage for advent calendars.

Here are some of my ideas:

  • pictures

  • youtube videos

  • your videos / recordings / digital messages

  • poems

  • quotes

  • wishes (they can be stand alone or an add-on to an analog present)

Go from basic to the more sophisticated fillings as you go along, e.g. December 6th can be a little more special than other days as it is Nikolaus in some European countries. Same goes for advent Sundays and closer to Xmas Eve - your fillings and presents culminate towards the end of the calendar count-down.

I especially liked embedding my own youtube videos into the calendar. I use Magisto to edit the footage.

When editing your calendar windows, it looks like this:

Check and modify your contents if needed:

Once ready ( or in the preview mode), your calendar will look like this to the recepient:

That is all there is. Upon finishing your calendar, you can send a "public/ unlisted" link to the recipient.

One more benefit: you can edit the remaining windows on the go, as you recipient opens the windows chronologically: this gives you more time to finish your work for the remaining windows - you just need to make sure the upcoming windows for today and tomorrow are ready.

Sounds fun? It definatelly is.

Here is my Advientos for you:

Share your thoughts in the chat or on instagram and have a merry pre-christmassy season. XoXo.

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