Lost and Found in Amsterdam

Thirsty for new tips'n'tricks, travels and adventures, she booked the trip to Amsterdam back in October. The time flew by and it was last weekend that Tiger and Dragon flew over to Netherlands. Read about their adventures below, get your own city trip ideas. xoxo.

Taste of Amsterdam

"What is that red wagon?" Tiger pointed towards some red lights outside of the Shipol airport. They came up closer to check it out. The shop on the go sold deep fried dough, just like she knew from her childhood. Of course, it was called differently (it was not called "baursak") but tasted just the same. If you like dough balls (originals are without sugar but when served, they come with sprinkled sugar powder), get yourself a Dutch oliebollen.

At the Heart of the City

"Your hotel is right in the heart of the city", the taxi driver was friendly and gave away tips around the capital. 'Dejavu', she thought, in other words:

1. Bane she thought 'cos of transfer and tips

2. Bear she thought 'cos of her 1st trip to Amsterdam.

"Go to the Bijenkorf at the Dam's square, do not trust all taxi drivers, do not be afraid in the city - just shout police and you'll be safe, red light district is at your hotel's back yard", the taxi driver continued. Tiger looked outside of the window, mostly silent.

She tried to remember the tips and see if she could recognise any districts already. The city was decorated with Christmas lights and the canals looked their typical Amsterdamy. She felt alive and excited.

Cocks and Tails

"Staying in", both of them nodded of.

The light was dimmed and flickering, as they entered the hotel's bar. Barbizon hotel at the centre of the city, close to the central station is worth a stay.

Bar tender welcomed them and went like, "Our drinks of the week are 'fresh pina colada' and 'NY sour'. I would not recommend pina if you just had a heavy dinner. I’d suggest you have something with little sugar, I could mix you something orangy if you like?"

Some minutes after, Tiger was sipping his ice-cold, newly served “intro to aperol”.

"What would you like to drink?", bar tender and Tiger asked her in unison. She hesitated, scanning options in her mind.

There were three red wines on the menu. She asked for a try of Italian first. It was not what she wanted that night. Argentinian Malbec was served second. She chose it.

“Can you smell vanilla in the wine?”, Tiger asked her. She could in deed, only after he prompted her there had been vanilla in the drink. "I drank it all around Argentina, there is only Malbec in Argentina if you will", Tiger explained smiling.

Tiger put his drink down and said, “The critics’ reviews about this author are controversial and he’s also been to prison, but I still like his book. He separates freedom from convenience. Freedom is what the rich people are aiming for. It is different from the comfort zone. The rich of this world are willing to take risk to get freedom in return.” It was Bodo Schaefer, who Tiger described.


The evening was so rich in content and events happening. She sat there and observed and absorbed everything that was being said, impatient of what's coming next, wondering if she could remember it all for the blog.

They continued the topic of cocktail mixing. Italian bar tender spoke about different schools of learning the basics of e.g. new Yorker style of mixing cocktails. It was all about creativity with the basic ingredients. You’d never get the how, you’d improvise. “Cuanto basta!”, the bar tender exclaimed shrugging his shoulders - “how much is enough? – the barista decides himself”, he added.

"I used to drink 'mai tai' and 'frozen margharitas' before. Mai tai was a heavy drink and we used to prove to our clique that we could stand it. Nowadays I would not drink it."

The bar displayed different drinks in the background. Whiskeys, liquors, gin.

They sat there, and as the night got darker, Tiger got braver and they decided to have a glass of whiskey to finish off the night. Whey wanted to drink some Glen, but the guest who overheard their decision making, suggested they try smooth Oban. So they did.

She had this question turning in her head round and round. “Tell me about Milan” … “Why do you keep lady’s make up in your bathroom drawer?” She never asked that Friday. Soft nouvelle vague's voice sang how "love would tear us apart".

The night died away as they cuddled to sleep, dreaming of the upcoming weekend in Amsterdam.

What they lost and what they found was still due to be discovered. To be continued. xoxo.

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