Tiger O'Clock

It was meant to be so, that they met and she told his story.

Little Tiger

Being the youngest child to a 3 member family, he was born one of the late spring evenings in the centre of Hamburg. Brought up in a bourgeois family, the little Tiger saw ups and downs. His family experienced grand and less glorious years, from luxury to family tragedies in his youth; from inheriting generations' wealth to destruction of all entrepreneurial start-ups of his ancestors.

In his teeny years, Tiger had an exchange year in the USA and that shaped him into a self-confident, independent and strong young man: it opened a whole world of new experiences.

Tiger has always been kind and noble, and started earning his money early. One of the funny and kind jobs he had was to be a Santa-Claus at Christmas times - it made him so famous, that he had to engage helpers to delegate Santa's role. Famous "over night", Tiger's Santa story got published in a newspaper.

After studies he started his first proper job in Hamburg. His boss and mentor was of high opinion of Tiger, but was strict and formed him, taught him and built his resilience. This experienced man challenged and invested time into Tiger. Tough as it was in the first year, where lots of us would think of "breaking up", Tiger stayed loyal to the company, achieving extraordinary results.


Throughout his life, Tiger continuously grew and developed. One skill per year, dedication to learning and self development. He told a story about skills and things he did each year to develop, as they had their coffee in Verona (full article here).

As a leader, he knows what it takes to stay on top. Tiger reads news and books like "Reicher als die Geissens", "One Minute Manager", "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" and has his own "Tiger's Strategy".

"Everyone, who seeks to continuously develop, needs a knowledgeable mentor", quote end.

Tiger is open to cultures and spent 1 year on a sabbatical, learning French and travelling through the South America.

Nowadays, he is a passionate dancer in their couple-project.

Creative Tiger

Tiger is successful when he is happy. Tiger can create when he is in good mood and outside of the daily operations, where he has got freedom and can let his mind wonder. He liked getting new ideas and inspirations from the same-minded network, e.g. visiting places like The George Hotel. Places like this, created with love, bring one to a high state of mind and inspire for new ideas and creativity.


Since his first job, it went without saying that "high quality standard in job" is a must. Tiger reached highest success in all his projects through his character and his creativity, his will to think out of the box.

It is not in Tiger's paradigm of the world, that successful people work long, that they continuously stay additional hours. She could not help but agree, verify this by reading Chris Bailey's book "The Productivity Project" where the author summarizes his experiment of working 80 hours a week. Successful people think and act efficiently. Tiger hit all targets, and all his customers want him to work for them. He can afford to leave work at "Quater to Loe". Quater to Loe was what Tiger's peers used to tease him when he left the office at quater to five p.m. Envy for the most successful employee in the company, generating profitable ideas and bringing in boni&cash.

Tiger knows how to run a business, how to found a company. He is an experienced CEO. In her Parisian blog (check it out) you will find the story in Galleries Lafayette about Tiger's approach to celebrating success. It is important to him to cherish closed deals. This summer, they enjoyed dinner @ Fontenay's - the newly opened hotel at the Alster bank. It was a great dinner and, as a nice add on, Tiger went viral on looking at her in her red dress and just about avoided an accident. His compliment "you look so very beautiful tonight" touches slightly on the overall flair of that evening.

Tiger Personally

Handsome, rich and kingly. White 32 smile. Tall and elegant.

Tiger was always close to his Father, who he unfortunately lost October 2017. She got to know Tiger as a caring son, loving and caring for his mom. He is also very warm to his niece.

High quality and expectations bar has always been there in Tiger's life and also shows in his taste. He shows preferences in quality foods, furniture, luxurious holidays and cloths. Everything about Tiger is expensive and high quality. Tiger appreciates luxury and beauty, he is knowledgeable in paintings and art. He owns a Pavoni, he regularly goes to the George Hotel, he lives in Winterhude, he plans his and hers Porsche.

Tiger is wise and explains that happiness is not in materialistic (only).

He likes to say what he really means, he means what he says. "Schluss mit Lari-Fari".

He keeps his word. He is generous and kind, tough as a Tiger to the outside world, and gentle as a Tom-cat to her. Everything about Tiger is fresh flowers.

Tiger personally is a noble warrior of light.


Tiger can spot talent at a glance and is eager to help and develop. He has mentored employees to CEO's positions and founded companies from scratch. His scope and vision are broad.

Tiger is sustainable at work and home. He propagates Earth and Community days, and is generous to charitable events. He is also an honored member at one of the Hamburger musical theaters, due to his investment and help to ground that arty school.

He spoke to her once about something for decades, centuries, something to leave beyond one's life - for generations to remember. His projects have always been creative and exciting, and he has a broad network of people and friends to help. His idea was to get his name, among others, modestly carved into one of the buildings' walls, that he'd lead as a project. This was his idea of immortality and leaving his legacy.

She could not find hers, but maybe it was meant to be they met half a century later.

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