Male Secrets

Sunday morning. New sharp scent of the "Milano" shower gel filled the bathroom. Open windows in the shower. The inner yard of Berliner hotel reminded of Paris... Tiger still cuddled in theur comfy bed, and it was so quiet, only an early crow made its brisk "good morning" cry.


O. left a list of recommendations on Tiger's WhatsApp, here you can see and use it, if you like:

  • Browse Hackescher Markt

  • Visit Monbijou park

  • Stroll Sophienstraße

  • Exhibit Museumsinsel

  • Have lunch at Borchardts


They existed Hackscher Market when Tiger was in the middle of his speech why a true and male looking friendship could not exist between a man and a woman. Scarlett was in her research "tell me all of it, Tiger" mode and provoked him with questions to continue explaining.

"Because of genetic and family-education related differences, there can be no friendship between a male and a female. Not to an extent like between two men."

According to further explanations, men usually talk about girls in absence of girls. Scarlett thought it was cars and techy stuff men would talk about.

So, as an example, if you asked a girl how to attract a girl, her top three would normally go as:

  • Be nice to her

  • Give her presents

  • Invite her somewhere

Whereas the total opposite is the true case. Do not tell her nice things, or give presents- you'd not raise by any value in her eyes just cos of that. The thing is, see, that girls like roller coaster dynamics. What?! No way Tiger, you've just invented a bike. He looked so wise, only spectacles were missing, sliding down his nose... lol


So listen up folks, because now the top three crazy-charming things to win over my girl will be announced. Fasten your seat belts now.

  1. Create tension. Create push and pull in conversations. Say something like: "You've got pretty nail polish - wait for her to "melt" from your "supposed" compliment, then come again with - but I think red color would suit you better". Wait for it. "Le-gen-da-ry".

  2. Get into a situation to get experience with a girl, any girl. As much and often as you can. Do not show something if you really want it, e.g. seeing a celebrity in the street and dying to meet them - too excited to be cool, but you need to be cool. Hide your true interest. Interact with the lady like a cool gent. The purpose here is to get to know the person and what they like.

Then he suddenly got reluctant. Thinking that Scarlett was "fishing", he started explaing that there was not something like a one-size-fits-all recipe to charm any girl...

"Our relationship is something special and I do not want to cold-heartedly break it into process steps 'cos it's not all black and white, see." He was worried as if the magic was about to vanish.

Scarlett tried to calm him down, explaining it was not about their particular relationship. It was not indeed. It was more for the research and to share this info with you, my readers.

"Ok, then", Tiger sighed, still reluctantly...

Tip no.3 is

3. The kiss. This is not a rational decision but a felt moment. Feel when and have the courage to kiss the girl. No point to postpone till late.

In my experience, men do tip no.3 on a second / third date, ladies. Xoxo.


"Do men compete and compare their girls, whose is best?" she asked, trying to verify the theory that a girl is a beautiful add-on to a man - just like girls are hired to accompany for parties or the way some men looked at her, even when accompanied by a lady or even a wife!

"No", Tiger responded, " I consider it a cheap and anti-social manner. There are certainly people like you describe out there, but not in my usual environment, not among those I know. My friends have an unspoken codex of respecting a friend's partner no matter what. "

So, no brownie points adding, ladies - no matter how you look or who you are. At least not to leaders who are Tiger alike.

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