Danish Orangutang in Berlin

Four O's

That evening, a black Audi stood all over the street "parked". A young gent got out of the car to greet Tiger personally. They hugged. Scarlett got a cold official greeting, one simple phrase, "Hi, I am O. Pleased to meet you."

O.'s Whatsapp message earlier that evening said, "Don't take it personally but I need an early night. I had a full house today, same tomorrow, but I'm so pleased to have dinner with you, folks, tonight." Tiger's answer was, 'it is just what the doctor ordered', with a secretive smile - he agreed on a separate plan with Scarlett of how to spend time after dinner.

"What were you up to today?", O. addressed Scarlett in the car to get her talking. She briefly mentioned Charlottenburg.

"Tiger used to be my boss, a strict Mr. Big Boss more precisely. He was fair and I learnt a lot." Tiger was silent but surely listened carefully.


Upon arriving in the Bleibtreu-Str., O. entered the restaurant confidently and homely. They went for some Asian kitchen. I am matey, I am homie here, was O.'s silent message. They got the best table, overlooking the inner yard of the hotel garden.

"Oh, tonight is gonna be a blaaaaast!!", O. reacted to everybody's order of some still water for the table. "No aperitif?!", Scarletts choice seemed to confuse O.

They ordered and waited for the dinner to be served. Before even sitting down, he exclaimed, "That a Superdry bag? I like Superdry and have lots of their cloths myself."

Well what a compliment, knowing from Tiger's stories that O.only spends money on cloths and food.

She not only had a bag, but also wore a newly bought dark blue Superdry dress, sexily tight. Tiger persisted on jeans before he saw the dress. Men...

"I've not seen Tiger for a long time, but when we met in Hamburg , Tiger looked ten years younger, refreshed as never! You do him well."

She could not say O. was handsome, but he was attracting by being talkative and well dressed.

Food was ok, they did not drink. O.had issues with bad life style and excessive drinking and he stopped for some time, leaning into the most healthy life he could imagine. That meant sports, PT and yoga included, six times per week, no carbs.

Ice-cream was an exception.

Music can tell a lot about the person. He listened to Michael Kiwanuka and Ludovico Einaudi.

"I set myself a goal not to spend any money onto materialistic things, for half a year from today onwards." Got you, O. Fed up, spoilt. No meaning found in money or materialism.

Well, Tiger and I have been to Italy, privately. Of course not with the same outcome as you two love doves."

Well, I try occupy myself with work and things to do. My relationship split 1,5 years ago. I'd love to like in my Othmarschen flat with a gfriend, a baby and a dog, but hey reality looks different. We were most likely loving the joint idea of family rather than loving each other", he concluded sadly.

"So, you are not born in Germany are you? How long have you been in Germany? Oh, there cannot be more German than what you do. As for me, lots of people think I am Russian because of my name, but this name is also popular in Denmark, I am half Danish..." Well, Scarlett still had a difficult relationship to Denmark and he reminded her of that.


Can I take you to the best ice-cream place in Berlin, then for dessert?"

They got back to the car. She felt resourceful. They seemed to talk in the front row but she felt energy and attention being passed onto her by O. He showed off his playlist. He showed off tips around the capital and suggested Tiger and Scarlett went to the skyscrapper bar close the their hotel overlooking Berliner panorama. Tiger checked with her and she said, "Hotel room tonight." O. did not have to know why, but there was a sexy plan for the rest of the night and the hotel room was a central part of that plan*.

She did not want to have ice-cream but agreed to join the gents. At the counter she asked for a scoop of Stracitella. "Great choice, I am going to have two of those", O. exclaimed.

Tiger explained: "on holiday I had to take O.to an ice cream place daily. Italian ice tastes special."

They stood there, in the streets of Berlin, and were having their ice-cream. Dusk created a nice evening flair. The city looks and scents filled the air. Scarlett licked her scoop slowly and kept observing O. with secretly. Gents stood there comfortably without talking. She wanted to say something nice, so she chose to compliment him on his shirt. He really put effort into dressing himself nicely that night. He smiled and answered, "I have to wear thick layers and shirts as my breast is hairy like that one of Orangutang."

Good sense of humor, she smiled. Ice-cream was an exception.

New men were an excitement for her, they brought new impressions and music into her life. O. and Tiger, just like men usually do - her heroes of the blog - inspired the following Spotify playlist, that I share with you.



* Post-Scriptum: Picture featured in this article is by Stefanie Moshammer called "Not Just Your Face Honey"


Visiting Berlin that weekend and meeting O. has inspired Wondergirl to create the Love and Hate video - check it out and leave a comment below. Xoxo.


Here is a Berlin map for those, who want to tag along the above adventure.

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