Echoes of Kühlungsborn

What a Mid of July!

On Saturday, the couple started their breakfast, sat at the wooden table in a spacy cafe. They were on a weekend trip at the Baltic Sea that weekend.

The morning conversation topics varied, it eventually came to the talk about goal setting and how to plan (e.g. for a year) in advance.

Tiger shared memories, he spoke about plans and achievements, about his creativity and success from the past. She absorbed, it was interesting. She especially liked his story about "Tiger o'clock" and how unconventional he was in his professional life. Most successful, most income-generating.

She sipped her seabuckthorn juice and imagined, how all the information could be applied onto future.

He spoke about passive income ideas and it inspired her to generate one for him and for herself. Time had to be invested first, but the result would be over and over reusable for the passive income.

Tiger spoke about areas of life and specific goal setting for (hashtag #knowWhereYouAreGoing):

  • health and sports

  • wealth and income

  • love and ideal type of a partner

She paid attention, ready to compare qualities. He did not continue but said instead, "one goal turned into reality." She pretended to be cool and disinterested, even though he surely implied something special, looking at her with unspoken passion. He did not go into detail that morning. She knew internally, what he meant. But she wanted him to express it without her asking leading in questions.


Strich durch die Rechnung, Ouverture

She was walking to work on a sunny Tuesday in July. To cheer Tiger up and pass on the positive vibes that she felt at that moment, she recorded and sent him a video.

To her huge surprise, Tiger was quickly generate an answer video. And what a video it was!

It went like this:

"My darling, long ago, sometime in 2012, I wrote following affirmations in the hope to one day meet a lady of my dreams.

'I feel a lady, who is my fullest soulmate, turn towards me. There is an inner connection on all levels between her and I. Our mutual attraction is turning into a beautiful source of godly love.

I am certain, I can make this lady happy, I can share my heart warmth, love, happiness and joy with her. I can fill her life with most beautiful everything.

I see her clearly in front of me.

She is sensible, kind, faithful, open and full of love. She lives in harmony, peace and happiness.

We are irreversibly attracted to each other.

We live our lives jointly in love, truth and beauty.

She is my perfect partner for life.'

I am sure, the universe sent you to me and now I found my one and only ideal partner in you. I love you."


Her heart was beating loud and she felt enormous waves of emotion and positive roller coaster dynamics.

She was chuffed and excited. It was worth waiting for, after Kühlungsborn holiday.

She could not believe it. Tiger just shared more than she would ever wish for. He gave her more, than anyone ever before.

Lessons learnt about affirmations so far, were:

  • Express gratitude

  • Use no "no's"

  • It's magic. Keep doing.

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