La Tortue Noire

The thought of him, pointing out the newly built hotel in the centre of the city, did not leave her that morning. Why always Barefood? Of course, there were reasons and preferences to go there, but why not try something new for a change?

She opened 'La Tortue' website to see options for an 'after work'. Wow, all websites she visited, were full of slow motion video sequences, advertising the brand: hotels, merchandise, career websites. There must be something about videography - not in vain she was digging deeper into the subject, learning more about 'how-to's. 'La Tortue' homepage looked great, it inspired her with great web design ideas and wow, there was even a unique "Day Dreamer" spotify playlist - another trend for a lot of brands and bloggers nowadays.

Walking to the restaurant felt like a long distance to her. She split it into slots - first, walk to work, then to the central station, now you are in the city centre, check if all ok with Barefood (yup, m'am!) and off you go - past the city hall and the swans - for some shopping, very close to the Stadthausbruecke. Why did she cancel her membership for the underground, can you remind her?

She thought about her conversation with J.E. She was all about "let us shoot 50 frames per second". So, Scarlett focused on the settings of her sony alpha - yes, it is 50 frames per second, just changing the resolution to a higher MP number.

Filming in time lapse and panoramic modes cheered her up, it was a battery recharge for her. Shopping, as usual, added to her contempt levels, she was glad to buy new things - t shirts, a bag, lingerie, and felt renewed both on the inside and outside.

She arrived at the hotel eventually. Impressive fascade. A stone-idol turtle, monumentally greeting the guests at the entrance, was an eye-catcher. Same with the golden-lila flags, blown by the wind.

'Slow-Mo'-time, she thought and pulled out her mobile. She was trying it out for the first time, and the best thing was, when viewing the recording, you could adjust the slow-mo speed and the starting/ending slot. Amazing!

Soaking it all in, she spent some time outside, filming and experimenting. Then she entered the hall and asked for the bar Noir. Interior was shouting 'eye for a single detail' - even mosaic floor was looking like a turtle shell.

The cocktail menu was decorated with doodle pictures for each drink. She knew what she was going to have, but looked through the menu to see all the doodles. Note to self, doodle more and doodle this (take a pic) photo.


Tiger arrived on time, he passed her on the bar to surprise her with a hug from the back. After selecting a drink, they spoke about the events of their day. She showed him her discovery of slow-mo and Tiger pointed out, he liked timelapse function more. They found both modes on his camera, so he knew where it was in case he wanted to use it.

Their drinks arrived. They celebrated his first office location and how good things went about his entrepreneurial start-up. They cheered. She started moving the elegant glass towards her face. The scent of alcohol hit her nose, it burned her senses. The cold glass on her lips felt refreshing. She felt thirsty. The pink sweet beverage was slowly flowing towards her mouth. She saw strawberry seeds swimming in the pink cocktaily 'ocean'. It was as if she was diving into this 'ocean' that very moment. The first tasty cold sip. Divine taste! Le Pont to the strawberry heaven.

She put the glass aside and smiled at Tiger. He smiled back.

After some time at the bar, watching the deco and talking, she turned around to her new black bag, saying, "I have got a little something for you". It was a lovely small gift she wanted to present Tiger as a symbol of him moving towards the great future and to celebrate his first new office.


The present was "hard to get". They first saw it in the shop, where it was difficult for Scarlett to get on her own. Tiger picked the pencil shell, all in rainbow colours, made of glass. "This is very nice in deed", he murmured. She pointed to the golden looking shell-twin and asked, "Not this one?"

"No, I like the rainbow one, because of its colours," Tiger replied.

One other weekend they were around the shop area again and she left Tiger to go and buy the shell secretly. Upon her arrival in the shop, - the whole plan was almost perfect and nearly the mission was completed successfully - she found herself queuing to pay without her purse. She had to leave and come again another time.

After the flat move, she finally reached the shop again, by herself, spent some nice time in the area including Mama restaurant and all, and got the shell wrapped as a present, ready for the day before Tiger moved into his new office!


She pulled the package out of her bag. "Congratulations on your start-up and moving into your first head quarters, Tiger!"

His "Thank you. You should not have..." was stopped by "I'd like to."

He slowly unwrapped the gift. He read on the tag, where it was coming from. Then he felt the shape of the present and smiled. "I think I know what it is," he announced cheerfully. She loved every moment of giving presents. Now, Tiger took the surprise effect out of the equation but it was still a pleasant experience, sitting with him at the bar Noir, having great delicious drinks and spending time, watching him smile and get a gift. "I am not gonna say anything, check it yourself," she said watching him unwrap.

Of course it was a danish design pencil shell in rainbow colours, ready for his office desk and sharpened pencils, heavy Mont Blanc pens etc. Just in his style.

"Thank you, I love you," he whispered into her face, kissing her. It was more pleasant than anything else, anyone else.

Tiger declared the drink was hitting him and was too much to complete on a school night, so they paid and left home around nine.

The bar tender liked the couple and recommended to come Wednesday for an after work or Friday-Saturday for live music and DJ tunes.

Scarlett suggested they'd visit La Tortue's locations some day to try out the bar Blue, the Asian restaurant and the brasserie, one by one.

"We could also go to the Bank," Tiger suggested as they left the hotel. The golden-lila flags were waving good-bye to the couple.


Spotify Playlist for you, inspired by Tortue.

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