His Tears on His Bed

Bath Ceremony

He let water fill the bath, dimmed the lights and there was a batman duck swimming in the foam, waiting for the couple to join the ceremony. Pleasant relaxing scent filled the entire bathroom as they lowered their naked bodies into the basin.

Spotify was standard by then and every time, Tiger pulled a new Ace out of the pocket with a new play list fitting the occasion. This time it was a relaxing collection of classical music and acoustic remakes of pop-songs. She felt light and sentimental, she felt touched and inspired to expand his playlist or create one, two, some more play lists with great melodies.

Taking a bath with Tiger was a new experience for her: it was hot, it was atmospheric and ... well after 15 minutes the whole bathroom was covered in steam like a stage at some pop star concert. First thing she did, still dripping water onto her towel, was to run to the kitchen and prepare ice cold flavoured water.


Wasting my Young Years

Eventually, stilling the thirst, they landed with a glass on baileys on ice in his bedroom. She was on a Wondergirl mission.

"Tiger, what are your dreams in life?" He smiled and sounded like a "straight A" student during the exam: "Spend it with you".

She was chuffed. Who does not like to be flattered?

Still what if their happiness was not infinite? What if something was going to happen tomorrow? She could not let the age out of her mind. He liked younger girls.

"I won't be as young as I am now," she almost whispered and looked away. What was he going to say? Was he going to get himself a younger partners one day?

"I should be concerned about age, not you" he answered sadly. Her heart felt tearing apart.

"No, you should not", she softly kissed him. He paused before saying "Now you make me cry."

OK, this time you went too far, Scarlett. Her inner self talk went on: What is all this about? Talking age and suspecting break ups? See what you have done to Tiger?

She felt angry with herself, and guilty for causing that type of reaction in Tiger. Upsetting him.

"I am sorry," she tried to make it right again.

"I am crying because I am happy not sad", Tiger relieved her from guilt.

"As for dreams, I have a vision being celebrated with you in Levizzano Chapel and walk down the alley with you after the ceremony".

She smiled but held to her wishes: "At first, we need a proposal and a "Yes"".

"I got it covered, said Tiger confidently. Then added," The proposal part at least."