Lady of The Rings

"You either take me as I am, or you can go to the party alone", she answered in her golden yellow skirt.

She then changed to a softer mode: "Thank you for proposing. It means a lot and once I am ready, you will be the first one to know." xoxo

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Some weeks past by since he proposed. The emotional high slowly depleted, so did the fight sediments. As per her initial impression, Tiger acted out of fear that day and she even concluded not to take it seriously any more. Lie. She'd hope it was serious, as it was every girl's dream (including her 6 years ago) to get engaged. She wanted another proposal, out of happiness not fear this time and the perfect time for that would be the arrival of the French rings.

Yet, each week gone, she gave up the thought of the rings little by little as it took forever to receive them from France.

So, the only French thing in her life that Friday was Santa Fe grapefruity drink at Cafe Paris.

Tiger took her out that night and prio to the drink, he showed her the new office area, at the heart of the city, surrounded by all the cafes, business centres, shops, all in hand's reach. He showed off just like he should: it was hard work and a well deserved final result.

They celebrated that night. After his first Santa Fe, Tiger opened up to tell her exciting stories about his ancestors, who were mostly entrepreneurs by nature and had celebrity friends on occasion. He helped her fill awkward silence with "ILY" phrases, which was very loving and sweet.

Guests were looking at the couple, she was friendly smiling in return. Her lovely black dress (yet again, black, but always different) gave her confidence and she felt charmingly lady-like on Tiger's side.

At Tiger's place later that evening, there were surprises waiting for her. "Lingerie arrived", Tiger announced and chose one of 4 sets for her to wear. It was a hot piece of a black tight, this is all I am saying.


Next morning, as per their (still early days, but nonetheless) routine, spending Sat and Sun together was sacred.

The plan after breakfast was to get some flowers, go shopping, get healthy drinks and talk about everything in the world.

They just left the house for a shopping trip and she stood at the car, whilst waiting for Tiger.

"Ah! Come here, quick, I wanna show you something!", Tiger called her. What was all that excitement, standing in front of the postbox on a Saturday morning. She was on her way to Tiger.

He pulled a parcel out of the postbox and held it in front of her. It was a long awaited little something from the French Lady of The Rings. Tiger opened the parcel there and then. A hand written note from the jeweler on a customized and branded card, and two boxes with ying and yang rings were inside.

In the first little box he found his ring. It was pearly white, with a shiny black onyx in the middle.

Both were fascinated. She couldn't wait to see her ring. "You have not practiced your answer still, should he ask again...", the excitement circled on her mind mixed with worry in case 2nd proposal attempt was going to happen. Yet, she wanted him to ask her. She wanted him to ask her right, not out of fear but rather in a perfect situation where she'd be so happy to say yes.

He got her ring out and held it for her to slip her finger in. Her ring was shiny, the stone was matt - as wished and ordered.

Pretty unspectacular, and totally mundane, they stood there hugging. She thanked him for the special gift. No proposal.

Off they went to the shopping area and behaved like a normal couple.

Some time after, he was waiting for her in the car and once she got into her seat, he read aloud: "Dear Beatrice, thank you for the rings, they arrived today..." Can I send it? "Wait, what about the picture?" So they quickly took a shot to attach to the mail and sent it to the Lady of the Rings.


That Saturday was a sexual one, they were having a blast trying out new things and outfits. Was all the energy and passion coming from the rings, healthy drinks or lingerie?

After the last loving session, she murmured in the dark: "Tiger, you made your proposal. If it was to happen, what would the marriage look like to you?"

"I was thinking of Italy," he answered. "I asked the owner to give me his business card details under an excuse of planning an event. Matthia knew instantly what I was on about and asked me if I intended to marry you, and I said yes".

Even though her question was meant differently, targeting future interactions as a couple, she was chuffed with his answer about the event itself and memories of their first and such special holiday returned. She laid there listening. "Remember the alley?", he asked. "I would like us to walk it down together after the ceremony."

Tiger continued: "It is a small hotel so I would like to keep it to a very small family circle."

She argued: "I'd hope it would be just you and I. Though we'd be missing out on the best man and maid of honor".

One thing was clear, in six months of her relationship with Tiger, they both got further and did more than in her previous relationships lasting over seven years.

To be continued...


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