This morning, with her, having coffee. ~ Johnny Cash 

Cold Play Paradise

It was a cold English winter of 2012 and Coldplay just brought out their top single "Paradise". She immediately associated with the magically sounding song and listened to it night and day: on her way to work, walking the familiar route, avoiding the mud and almost being run over,  head phones "coldplaying".

She met Bear during her first day at the new office. When colleagues addressed her in English initially, she would not realise they spoke to HER - such a huge language difference. 

"Would you like a brew?", Bear repeated, waving the tray in one hand to explain visually. He got her answer and, still surprised with her skinny choice, brought her a "59": a Selecta machine code for "black tea, no sugar". 

Another adaptation challenge was to return the favors of the colleagues and do a brew round herself. She knew every member's code by heart after 2 years.


Bear was shy mostly, very knowledgeable and helpful at work but not a fan of many words. One day, he managed to invite her out to a pantomime evening play at the local theatre, where he was volunteering at the backstage. And the(ir) romance began. 

It was a great performance that night and they went to the oldest pub in town after. Bear spoke about "Paradise" amongst other subjects and how Coldplay nearly got rid of this top-chart song if it was not for just one of the band's members who voted to keep it. Bear had special knowledge in topics IT, exquisit taste in British (and guitaristic) music, football and this knowledge attracted her. She still remembers them two walking down the cold yellow town lanes, on than pantomime night, chatting about the world. He used to play Ed Sheeran and Jack Johnson to her. The expansion of her musical horizon, amongst others, was thank to Bear. 

They used to walk to his, and many pubs, or he'd drive his black sporty Mercedes around the town and to the English cities and sights - their relationship got official with their first kiss on St.Valentine's day; they became lovers and friends. All in all, it was oh all so exciting - just like every fresh romance is!

They had their own English Paradise moments back then. A cold play type of paradise.

Erste Liebe Bar

December 2017, weekend. She was browsing city center, preparing Christmas gifts. Rango would get a voucher to her favourite bar for his birthday. She remembered, how, with love to detail, the staff would prepare her take away coffee; she loved that place and sat down at the counter, waiting. 

Just then, some leaflets caught her sight. One of them said "This morning, with her, having coffee." Her heart ached. It was winter time sadness about Baine screwing things up for both of them. They could have been drinking coffee together then, or an English breakfast tea at least.

Dante's Concentric Spheres 

Endless number of mornings, with the scent of Pavoni coffee and Tiger by her side. Concentric circles in their mugs, imaginative creative figures and shapes. Divine. Peace. Breakfast. Life. Tiger. Paradise.

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