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EAT, Pray, Love with Tiger 

"S. is a true gourmet if it comes to something to EAT and drink. Hence I am thinking of a bottle of whiskey as a gift for his birthday", Tiger was describing his friend on a Saturday morning, driving Scarlett home from Hadleys, where they had a fantastic, croissanty breakfast with his business partner. 

"Well, I've got a nice something for S. then", she said, ready to take care of the present.   

At the party later that afternoon, someone exclaimed from behind: "Tiger!" The couple turned around. Tom_Cruise walked up to Tiger and they greeted each other like brothers. The conversation between Tiger and Cruise flowed, whereas Scarlett had an unpleasant sediment talking to Cruise's plus one. The lady was obviously obsessed with sports and "doing it right and deep", and she kept addressing Tiger as "Dein Mann". This title was already confusing enough, when pronounced by her PT, so please (!) not yet another one to say it. "Freak alarm, do not know what to talk about," was circling constantly on Scarlett's mind. She caught herself on trying to be liked and could hardly shake it off. What for? Maybe, because on an unconscious level, she instantly noticed the close connection between Tiger and Tom_Cruise and she wanted to play ball alongside Tiger.

All these people, and the conversations about properties and roles of lawyers, investors and players - she could no longer stand that day. Thank God, Anna and Hannes were there. And the spiral stairs, leading to and from S.' flat. 

Tom_Cruise used to be Tiger's best friend until one day he misused Tiger's trust. The story was told in the car on the drive back.  This was one of the three parties, where Tigers acquaintances - primarily business - invited for fun and networking.  Scarlett would call S.' party "EAT". 


Eat, PRAY, Love with Tiger 

R. was the nicest of Tiger's hosts and his party was the first they went to. At R.'s place in Blankenese, āyurveda topic was mentioned late in the evening. It was so atmospheric outside in the garden, with a log fire burning away. Apparently, āyurveda spa holiday was THE way to avoid (or recover from)  burn outs and find your inner peace plus experience the closest connection to the universe. Somehow, eat-pray-love experience came to her mind. It was definitely the spiritual PRAY part. She was hooked. Hooked on the Indian holiday and R.'s feline Luna.


Eat, Pray, LOVE with Tiger  

He arrived one hour before the  T.' party. Craving physical closeness, he leaned towards her. Fresh, perfumed, soft to touch, she seductively sat there observing what was happening.

Was it curiosity or sensuality practice or both? All of a sudden, the way he smelled her, the warmth of his breath, the touch of his skin on her cheek, him sliding his lips down to her neck caused an unusually high arousal in her. Loosing herself in this oh-how-surprisingly-intense feeling, she indulged in it then smiled at him silently. No words were needed, he understood.

The night was young when they arrived at T.'s party. Obviously Tiger knew all the streets by heart, drove them pressing the gas pedal fully through. Tiger knew how to get to the venue and where to park. It was a famous Italian restaurant called Pane e Tulpani. The waiters were treating the guests as if it was MORE than special, as if it was more that a birthday celebration. It was a pure show.

The couple had white wine and Italian food, sat outside in the city centre, having conversations with other guests, observing the view and enjoying a warm late spring evening. When she missed the sunset, he whispered: "I would like you to come to mine." She knew this invitation was coming. There was almost a revert--this-emotional-deficit alarm situation between them due to illness and some brisk dates were not enough to heal.

After the hosts' speech, the DJ turned his playlist up louder. The couple stood, moving to and against the rhythm. She liked dancing with him and wished it was more often. They danced and kissed. Yet again, she was fully in that moment. As if no-one was there, even the music lost its importance. All that counted was how his kiss felt. It was awesome. The whole feeling wrapped her, held her, lullabied her to the rhythm, when Tiger murmored into her ear:  "I am taking you to mine now." It was definitely the sentual LOVE part.


Plus one

All parties, where she was Tiger's "plus one", were different and enriching. People, ideas, impressions. Going out was fun. It was abundance. There were more events to come, with Tiger showing off his girl. Revenge and fun events, she was (hell yeah) ready for each of them.


Favorite Jeans / Partner Look

Favorite jeans came from Levi's Paris. It was more his fav jeans than hers, though he took up the taste slowly: Tiger did not like her choice in the shop, yet later in the hotel room he expressed his appreciation of the piece of cloths.

"Can we go in partner look to T.'s, would you put my fav jeans on?", he placed a wish and she fulfilled it once, during the LOVE part at T.'s party. 


The Gal in Golden Skirt

That Saturday, she ran upstairs grabbing her bag to go home. "I do not have my outfit for S.' party yet, so drop me off at home pls," she addressed him. 

"What outfit? I like the way you are dressed now. What do you wanna wear to the party?" his last question was rhetorical. Tiger obviously had his own understanding of the physics behind dressing for a party. 

At home, she prepared the gift for S. and an empty card with ideas for quotes, then waited to be picked up. "It is time for the golden skirt," she thought. 

Tiger arrived on time. She hosted him, moving around the flat in her golden outfit. 

Two minutes into the game, Tiger asked: "Could you do me a favour?" She turned to him. There was hesitation and something unpleasant about his request. "Can we go in partner look, would you put my fav jeans on?" 

Her heart dropped, not bloody two times in a row "fav jeans" story, then she decided to face him openly with the no bullshit rule. "Ok, what have you got against dresses and skirts?", she sat close to him on the sofa. "Nothing", he lied. She was speechless then and only looked at him in astonishment.

"Say something. Why are you looking at me this way?", he felt uncomfortable. He bloody should.

OK, she was breaking the average of 60k thoughts per day, as it was millions of thoughts in her mind at that point. First fight. First disappointment. She considered different scenarios:

  • get changed

  • get upset

  • tell Tiger to get lost

Not having chosen any option yet, she stood up and suggested he signed the card. He did not know what to write at the end, so she prompted one of the quotes she remembered. She liked signing cards with thoughtful quotes, yet when he passed her the pen to sign, her mind was blocked... "I love you so," Tiger encouraged her, but it did not help.


Shooting Armor

Something unexpected happened then. Tiger turned to her and pre-announced: "It is very important to me to tell you about the way I feel".

Then, he stood on his knees in front of the sofa, where she was residing, still in her (un)favoured golden skirt.

"I actually wanted to wait and ask you, when the rings arrived. I wanted to do it properly. This is my second attempt (she'd have to ask him what it meant, later). I have never been happier than with you. I'd be very happy and honored, if we united. If we could, together, try - in our own way - to reach the culmination of everything in our relationship. I'd be happy if you considered." Her heart was pumping, whilst he was holding her right hand. The words he was saying flowed in a perfect stream, yet she could hardly comprehend due to the mix of feelings: confusion, excitement, unpreparedness.

What was he doing? Why was he offering a union out of fear? WTF, Tiger! Yet, respect, he was still doing it, and he stood on his knees. 

To be continued.

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