Relationship with the British Capital

"Oh my..." she was dragging a red suitcase behind her in the early hours of May, rushing to the bus stop.

Trying to get herself into the joy mode, she was debating pro and counter arguments, wondering whether there would be any footage for a blog article. Chances stood well as she was about to travel with two men at the same time. Chances stood bad as she was about to travel not in a flirty mood but in a friendly mode instead.

Perfect Godfathers

She would always listen with a (healthy) bit of envy to stories about godparents (-fathers) and their godkids. In particular, she knew two ideal species - Tiger and Rango. They would perfectly take care:

  • not just gifts but expensive branded gifts, on top of

  • time & memories shared together, on top of

  • travelling somewhere together, on top of

  • knowing their godkids inside out - their likes and dislikes, on top of

  • godkids paying them back with true love and trust

It all sounded like a dream to her then.

She had two godchildren herself. And the relationship to their families plus the kids was somewhat (hard) work. She would have great moments and try to fulfil her duty best she could. Yet she felt that there was some distance due to rare visits. She'd think she was unsociable and all that jazz. But she'd love them and had interest in them each time she saw the kids.

Meanwhile, with all her efforts and care, the children turned ten. It was time for something bigger.

She was closer to the boy's family. One day, she called his parents and suggested to fly to London together.

She organised the event logistically and somewhat financially. They chose a three day long trip that May.

At the Airport

Going to London felt like a beautiful homy holiday. UK was her comfort zone and always a treat.

The weekend was finally due and they met at the airport - Scarlett travelled the godson and his parents: Raccoon and Cat.

"Here is a self-made key ring for you," the family handed her a present whilst they all drank coffee.

She was chuffed.

What she'd learn, she'd try to remember and apply. Be fully in the moment with all of them, especially with the godson. Listen and try to see through plus understand what it is really that he is trying to say.

On the plane, they spoke about news in each others' lives and watched her newly made Paris video. "What is it about Paris?", Raccoon asked her. She smiled, diving into her memories. "Were the previous trips not good enough?", he continued and she knew he was challenging her. Her friends and she had a long history, almost fifteen years of friendship. Raccoon was a close friend of her ex, the KySSer.

"Those trips were good in their own way", she said honestly. "This time was different and even more special, because Tiger made Paris closer by speaking French." She only gave one reason despite there was more. Dear reader, if you want to know it all, refer to the Paresian adventure in this blog xoxo.


"Can I tell you something? It's a secret," he said and she looked deeply into his green eyes. Such a young face and sweet freckles, she thought. The godson was messing gently with her got-up-late-no-time-for-hair up-do.

"Your hair is beautiful", his phrase got him 10 brownie points on the scale from 1 to 5 and she smiled warmly.

It came from his heart and it worked.

Selfie Time

Big Ben was still scaffolded, pittifully.

They stopped occasionally for a quick selfie. The Westmister bridge was the culmination of their enjoyment from having arrived in the capital. The godson took his mobile out and started snapping the city, she started snapping him. Eventually, they arrived at the Riverbank hotel. Time spent there was great, from breakfast to high quality rooms and attentively executed service.

The Red Lion

Lunch was the next agenda point of the day.

This is where she was asked to own and know the city. Friends were relying on her blindly. She was relying on her relationship with London. Where around Westminster could they possibly have a shepherd pie type of food, please?

She knew where. They headed to the Red Lion.

Everyone in London was going crazy about the royal wedding in Windsor that Saturday. She'd be watching it too if not for the trip.

The conductor on the train said they could take a trip to Windsor for free from the Paddington station.

The shop assistant was trying to sell the royal mugs.

People in the streets were wearing union jack crowns and Harry+Meghan masks, waving flags. Imagine the hyper vibes in the capital that very day.

In the Red Lion, they could not move a single step. It was packed, with the audience crowded around the only TV, translating the wedding ceremony live.

They entered the pub at the very moment of Harry lifting Meghan's vale. The couple was saying vows.

No place here they assumed. Friends looked desperately at her, implying to go somewhere else for food. She did not give up and pushed her way gently to the counter. It paid off - they found a great cosy seat in the cellar area of the pub and settled nicely to have some English drinks and food. It was great, especially the HP sauce.

She was in the Red Lion before, with the Bear. It was autumn and they'd be looking for a lunch place, she remembered. Her memory and love for the city was cashing back. Friends were enjoying the pub.

It turned out at the end of the trip and Scarlett's querying, this pub was Raccoon's and godson's favourite.

The Sunday Telegraph had some fabulous pictures of the royal wedding: it was romantic, it was a new fairy-tale and favourite topic to chat about, that we all need once in a while.

NHM Flexible agenda, in other words she was anxious as there was not much planned firmly for the trio, only some ideas.

Appreciative of the Bear's instagram post, featuring the nhm pic the other day, she'd show the screenshot to her godson, asking him if he was interested to visit Kensington. He nodded it off so they headed there and it was a major spot that Saturday.

She remembered, how she visited nhm with Rick last year, talking about wars and cataclysms. Parts of the nhm museum left no choice but to discuss such topics. They discussed if they were prepared to loose everythinig and live in force major situations and how they'd cope. They concluded they'd be prepared to do everything it'd take to survive. Still, she was afraid to loose her ruby red lips and iron steel nails, she thought.

They finished passing the memory lane and her thoughts changed. Raccoon, his family and Scarlett ended eventually in the historic section of the building. The whale skeleton, hanging in the original elder part of the museum, was her personal highlight.

Spoiler alert - to her grateful surprise, the whole holiday got filled with lots of locations and events to see, Napoleonic dreams turned into reality, she'd think.

Leicester Square

"Ain't it too often, too much?", she wondered at the Leicester square watching yet another street show. "Am I visiting too often and overdoing it?" She lifted her head up: HELLO, starling.

This time the performer was a footballer, skillfully playing with the ball in front of the crowd. Scarlett and Raccoon enjoyed the show in the sun, Cat and the godson were browsing the Lego shop.

"We can grab a coffee around here, and the National Gallery is 5 mins away", she said to Raccoon.

It was not too often and too much, she concluded. It was helping her to revise the known and add more details to it. She was growing her knowledge, she was receptive to new things, building on the stable basis of her London.

Golden Jubilee Revival

Tired, little sleep and over 10km walked - more to go. Her mood depleted... nothing was enjoyable, it seemed, until they reached the Golden Jubilee bridge.

This was where she felt alive, it was like the handsome British guy, called London, upholding Scarlett. She could rely on him in the moments of real low x. She was enjoying the view of the London eye being fully lit by the sunset light. Warmth. Scents of roasted almonds. As if no-one but only her on the bridge.

The joy continued on the southbank. They stopped at the pink wagon called "frozen yoghurt".

Cat came up to thank for the idea and the trip. It felt nice.

Her godson was demonstrating photography skills and knowledge of a natural picture, telling Scarlett to stop posing and waving but rather to continue eating her yoghurt, what a surprise.

She was lit by the golden sun and she felt revived.

The Universe Talking

The universe keeps raining ideas onto you like stars, they'd say.

Cat, godson's mother, was a wise woman and Scarlett felt empathy for her views. Cat was saying phrases known to Scarlett oh so well, it was astonishing.

Raccoon was sceptical - I mean it was girls own fault, they should not discuss this in front of males - he was playing cool, but Cat did not give up and kept philosophing around. Scarlett liked it. The universe was talking through Cat and London, giving clues like:

  • No regrets

  • Kate spade, London

  • The Secret. Order to the universe

  • Let go of things which did not work

  • Be in the moment, catch a brisk spell of happiness

  • K.Byron's four questions

  • Mr. Beck

  • Violet shielded girl

Portuguese Greetings

"I would like some food before going to bed", Cat voiced everyone's wish.

They headed out to the Rose which was packed. Not giving up, they walked further towards Vauxhall station and bumped into Madeira.

One of the waiters spoke their language so Scarlett could relax. She did not have much of a dinner that night, but she was pleased to hear there were pasteis de nata for desert. She was seduced and wanted a bit of something Portuguese that night. It was like a throwback to Lisbon. Bonus - it was a real taste in addition to the sweet memories. It was a great calm night and she was looking forward to a recharged tomorrow.

Sunday, Relationships Continued

They picked her up for breakfast. Cat wore a romantic looking red dress.

Scarlett dressed cool and practical, ready for a long Saturday in London. A morning espresso in the room was continued by more coffee in the restaurant. In her hotel room, she enjoyed time to herself, blogging, applying perfumed Guirlain to her body, dreaming x.

"Zu bizou bizou", the background music played and she felt cheerful in the modern looking breakfast area.

The X Factor

Somehow, memories of the KySSer flooded her whenever she was with this family. No surprise - as mentioned - they knew him and were in touch with him. She somewhat mourned, that her KySSer relationship could not last. She thought she learnt a lot after the break up and would be better next time, she'd change things if she had a second chance back then.

Bitter sweet sadness. "Do you ever think of me, wish we'd be. Do you hear news about me, are you interested? Are you passive or do you actively ask? What do you think then?" Her thoughts revealed a need - she needed some balm for her egoistic soul. This thirst would never be satisfied.

Back then, hope was taken out of the relationship equation.

You loose and you win. She won, she got UK. He won and got a family with kids.

No regrets, remember? The universe reminded her. "You both made the best decision and did everything you could. You did your best", Cat loved this subject it seemed.

Scarlett realised that weekend, that there were still things to let go of. Thanks for the prompt, universe: she saw, she heard, she acknowledged.

Forgiveness and thoughts that UK was a better bet.

The Coca-Cola London Eye

It was her first time on the London Eye and she wanted to compare all of the roof-top platforms, which she visited. The only Ferris wheel and eldest rooftop view attraction in London, it had mixed reviews. People loved it, people hated it.

Scarlett enjoyed to be there with her friends. Even though the glass was reflecting, the pictures turned out ok. She especially liked finding places like Buckhingham palace and Trafalgar Square in the city grid and building maze of London.

As a rooftop platform comparison:

3. London eye would take 3rd place.

2. The Shard would come second, it was very modern and worth the view, but pricy.

1. She still thought that the top one was Sky Gardens - a perfect combination of a lovely view ( 'Xcuse me, did I just say lovely? Astonishing and unforgettable would be a better description) with a zero price. Best things in life are for free.

Cat's Velasquez or Rick's Seurat

Cat was studying art, in other words, the National Gallery was a must. Scarlett was happy, the gents followed silently.

In the gallery, Scarlett spoke to Raccoon for a bit and concentrated on the art then. It was not a deep dive, she was not alone or with a partner.

Venezian art and off to the impressionists.

Every time she visited an art gallery, new paintings came to her attention, she had new favourites, building new upon a sturdy basis.

This time Cat showed her Velasquez.

"Conversations with you were always interesting", the Christmas card read that January. They were browsing the National Gallery shop last year, when he bought that set. She received a Christmas greeting from Rick after the break up.

Seurat and Turner, thanks Rick. She saw him in every second picture in the National Gallery and in every second male Britt that weekend, she could not unthinkable his image, it was unconscious.

In museums, Rick would browse alone, mightfully standing in front of pieces that interested him. She'd observe him from far, and on occasion he'd come up and share his insights. She wrote multiple times, that she was grateful for the views Rick shared and the leadership banter he taught. Including art.

Tiger, on the opposite, hugged everywhere, including museums, and she still remembered their first gallery visit, so unusual - she could hardly move and he was sharing his knowledge and impressions whilst holding her.

Even talking about driving meant it'd put Rick into controlled mode. He used to say he could not watch others drive. Tiger let go, Tiger trusted her to drive. As long as she was comfortable.

If it was not called the national gallery already, she'd call it the great national gallery just like she was calling the Britts the great nation.

"Been there, bought a tote", she was happy with her new bag and pictures of the paintings. Paintings before sculptures. Godson before paintings.

She saw art in her godson, sitting on benches in symmetrical rooms.


She wanted to make it fun for him so she told a story about the finest toy store Hamleys and took him there. On 5 storeys, her godson ran from shelf to shelf, checking out toys and games. There was entertainment for adults too, she thought. Especially interesting were huge Lego figures of the queen, star war characters. There was a huge transformer standing on the 4th floor - impressive.

He was keen on constructors, Lego and Minecraft. Some magical toys attracted him too. The shop assistants did everything to sell.

"I am the happiest child in the world", he stated.

Presents in the bag, happy child - it was time to grab some lunch.


Soho canarby was another (favourite) must. Some pictures taken, some extravagant shoes and bags tried.

This time she was keen on experiencing the kingly court, so she took her friends out to taste food in that cosy open-air square. They chose the Pizza Pilgrims and the whole atmosphere including lunch meals was great. She knew it. She could feel it from the first time when she entered that area back in April.

Yet Another Harry

Kings Cross station was the next destination. She enjoyed the inner architecture of the station and they found the 9 3/4 Harry Potter platform but the godson refused to be photographed. Girls explored paper notebooks in Paperchase and spoke about bullet journals.

Raccoon's Relationship Recipe

Off to the Tower Bridge.

She felt alive again that evening. Warm sunrays shined on her in the brasserie as they stopped for a drink.

She tried to make the conversation interesting and checked with Raccoon what were the most important factors a guy would use to pick a girl.

He took a sip of Guinness and said: "They can say whatever, but the first and prio thing a guy looks at is a girls figure. He judges optically first. He continues with how pampered she looks, a "naturally" looking lady, dressed with style. I personally like high-heeled girls. She needs to have her own opinion and source of income", he concluded.

Ok, this matches the books, Scarlett thought. Great.

Cat contributed with generosity as the most valuable factor in a guy. Then she was on about their relationship and if she fitted the above description, so Scarlett let go and the conversation unfolded differently.

Raccoon and Cat changed the subjects, talking about the European cities and how all looks similar in Europe. Scarlett did not argue. She queitly thought to herself. Do not compare London to any other city, it will always stay so very unique and special to Scarlett. She found her island of contempt.

It was a blessing to walk in the sunset, past the Tower back to the bus station.

They travelled back to Trafalgar square by a red double-decker. Scarlett loved it. Front sits for the kid on the roof. The universe kept fitting events so perfectly - she could not have planned it better. She was happy and grateful.

The Rose

The pub changed to the better. They ordered drinks and dinner, then chatted about the events of that day. Fish and chips, burger and soup, their table looked rich. She observed the neighbour table behind her friends. It was a group of 8-10 young people celebrating some event. Girls were slim and dressed in flowery outfits. They were looking nice and happy.

"If I was elder, I'd marry you", her godson said hugging her in the pub, whilst having a break from eating his burger. She got to know him better during this trip. He loved burgers.

At the End - Tiger Tiger was waiting at the arrivals and greeted her with a hug and a kiss.

They had to meet the extended family. Cold friendliness. Awkward.

Forgotten. They drove to the Italian.

When they had food served, Tiger spoke: "Such a special trip to Italy. It was our first. Other trips were absolutely great but there was something outstanding about Italy."

No bullshit. She sat there, all her doubts on her face. She thought the same. What made Italy stand out? What if it was never to be topped. What if they lost the speciality. She told him she was scared, that Italian vibes were a one off to never return again.

Tiger lied: "It's not us, it's the trip - the region and the duration of the holiday. You never know, new highs will come," and he added: "If you aren't certain, it is still not the reason to overthink."

He held her hands and changed the subject: "You are the most wonderful of all that ever happened to me."

The subject was circling in her head for days though, she could not let go. What made Italy stand out? She decided to find out why Italy was so very special, as she could not loose this momentum.

Sabbatical News

Still sitting there in the restaurant, him holding her hands... What was wrong or right with her, when she said: "I am debating a sabbatical and thanks to you, I am favoring Paris." Tiger seemed to clear his throat and tried to look cool. "France is no distance to me, I would support you of course. I'd travel to visit. If the time was right, we'd do sabbatical together." He paused, then said: "Don't break up with me".

Was it the start of the end? She was spontaneous but never sporadic in topics like this.


Tiger took her home and was pleased about the sweet treat from London.

"You can count on me", he said honestly. He then used some sort of a byword, summarizing who he was.

She had to google the meaning after - GER "Unerschütterlich allen Schwierigkeiten trotzend, ein Felsen in der Brandung."

Post Scriptum

As she was debating whether there would be footage for a blog article on her way to the airport that Saturday morning, she could never know at the beginning, that there'd be adventures worth telling and skeletons worth decluttering from the closet.

She ended up travelling with more than two men that weekend - Raccoon and the godson were the obvious ones, followed by Rango, the kind Bear, the cheaky Rick and the KySSer. Tiger closed the relationship loop.

London, the handsome imaginary guy, was like a life-time-forever boyfriend that no-one could take away or replace. Not for her.

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