The Lord of the Rings

Having washed last night off in the shower, they leisurely had breakfast at the hotel. The city of light was slowly waking up, sunny and sparkling.


Tiger had a plan. Napoleonic plan(s) for the day. The couple headed to Montmartre.

As they exited the Anvers tube station, she asked him to show the street he used to live in Paris first. They headed down the hill, passing local cafes and shops - only few of them were awaken to open up that early morning. She enjoyed buying some snacks from the same lady in the same bakery he used to go to. Memories are powerful, especially nice memories.

Opposite to the general (and Scarlett's) belief, Sacre Coer alone was not Montmartre, Tiger explained. Instead he ordered two coffees in a bar with red square patterned table cloths behind the church and secured a sunny place outside. Artists and painters were already there, vulturing around tourists searching for a deal.

In a search of a great, exclusive painter and product, the couple went around Montmartre artist area, looking at paintings on sale. They discussed styles they liked most and least. There was some sparrow paintings she liked, the lady artist said a brief "bon jour" and continued with her next sparrow creation. The sun was shining in spells and it was an early spring morning, with cool shades. Cool was also a word, that she'd use to describe Montmartre - authentic, French, interesting.

They spotted a small NYC art gallery and Tiger especially liked a red King Kong statue, provocatively throwing a garbage can into the air. "If not a cow, then a King Kong in my office. Provocative is all I need", he smiled. She also liked some pictures and statues, but the King Kong was too much for her taste.

Tiger had this idea of a portrait together, stylish, one of a kind. Scarlett's first thought was a caricature, she did not want a naturally looking portrait. Tiger had so many caricatures, he was looking for a different style. They united on a Serbian artist and sat down in the sun to get the picture painted. Srba, the painter, worked with Janapese pencils, spoke German and made Serbian jokes. Whilst they had their picture painted, they spoke about learning a skill - painting or language. Srba was convinced that after 3-4 months intensive training a new language could be mastered. Then, he confessed, he learnt to draw on the Montmartre square, eight years ago. He had a talent and drew a brilliant portrait - the couple were happy with the result.

The portrait roll in hands, they browsed and she photographed a little more, and from the top of the hill Tiger first time showed her the Eiffel Tower - that part of the Montmartre platform is not visited often, tourists go for the obvious steps in front of the church.

The Lady of the Rings

They headed to Tiger's favourite Paresian contemporary jewellery designer next - Beatrice Knoch. She was a really friendly lady, her atelier hidden in the East of Montmartre. It was like meeting an old friend, even for Scarlett.

Back in times, Tiger already had a ring made by her. This time it was Scarlett, who should have a matching ring designed. "So, what is it going to be?", Beatrice asked them. They both went for silver - light, and a black onyx stone - dark. His ring had to be matt, hers - shiny: vice versa with the stone - contrast was what they went for, Ying and Yang. The rings were to be ready in a month.

Leaving Beatrice, the couple headed towards Moulin Rouge for lunch and tickets. On the way there, they spotted a nice café and ordered a potato salad - another discovery to be added to the French menu collection - fried potato, egg and garlic ... so that yesterday's French fries & mustard discovery does not feel so alone on the menu list.


He got tickets, she got water and off they floated to see Musee d'Orsay, Notre Dame, Pont Neuf, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower from the Seine. Numerous bridges, her favourite being Pont de Alexander III.

Their final stop was Trocadero, close to the tower.

He led her inside the yard, surrounded by the four iron pillars. The sun was shining onto them. He hugged her and pulled her closer. Classy Tiger. Romantic Tiger. The sun beams were "warm-blinding" her, she closed her eyes. The moment was so romantically loaded, she felt energy circulating through her whole body first, then to him, then back to her. It was a gamut of feelings. The time stood still. It stood along with them standing. A kiss under the Eiffel Tower, a cliché you'd say? I say it was unforgettable. She felt love. She felt loved. It was a perfect moment to make a proposal.

On the way back to the hotel, they bumped into a boy playing violin to the background of Despacito. She thought: "Is there a French version of this song?" Yes there was, it is sang by Sara'h, check her out, she is incredible.

Le Bebe Insight

Le Bebe was famous for its food, especially for its liquid chocolate pudding. Knowing that Tiger liked chocolate, they had to order the famous dessert that night. "You are always enjoying your food so much", Tiger exclaimed. If only he knew why, there were obvious and hidden reasons. "I like me better, too when I am with you", she silently recited.

They had red wine and spoke about sex that night. Fantasies and things to try. Well, the Moulin Rouge stroll left its traces, I guess. Tourists at the neighbour table in Le Bebe started whispering. "Germans", she thought first. "Fuck it", she thought next. Tiger gave her additional ammunition, and they had a fun dinner.

"Why do you like Paris so much?", she wondered. "Because it is the city of light, of dreams, of love. It has got one of a kind architecture - Notre Dame and the dome of Lafayette. Paresians have got that special charm about them".

Tiger brought Paris to her, his Paris. She was in love, she was obsessed with anything French like she had never been before.


Imressions and feel of Paris that spring can be viewed in the video below. Leave a comment. And read on. Xoxo.

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