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Hey there, my reader. The original article about the NYC Manhattan museums turned out to be dry. To make it a bit more interesting, check out the revamped personal remake below. Enjoy.

Exploring art galleries in Manhattan is fun. There is more to check out in the other 4 boroughs beyond Manhattan, but this article will review some of the galleries, namely:

  • The MET

  • The MoMA

  • The Whitney

  • The Guggenheim

  • The Museum of American Indian


The Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET)

Blaine raised his eye-brows, expecting confirmation: "How did you like the MET? Incredible hey?"

She nodded. Not in vain, she still had the entry-sticker tagged onto the cover of her mobile, to remind her of the visit to the MET.

"I bet I'd love to explore it with you more", she thought, sitting opposite to him in his hotel yard.

MET is the mecca for art lovers and the third important museum in the whole world. Bonus thing - the MET accepts a donation for the entry. If you only get a chance to explore one museum in NYC, pick the MET. It offers a variety of exhibits and art displayed, it is large (the largest in the USA) and rich in its collection.

MET has got American art on display and there is a must see free top garden platform overlooking Manhattan. You can spend days in the MET, and interestingly there are (not so hidden) exhibitions like a shady ladies of the MET art tour.

This was the first museum he showed he on Google maps, when searching for a 'museum mile', getting her all excited. The MET was her first choice to visit and it also turned out to be her favourite museum in New York. It has a pompous exterior and rich collection quality to show.

Boiling hot, still worth a visit: the outside platform with a view over Manhattan and additional art.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Oh God, the heart still pumping strongly in her chest, having just left Rick's hotel, she headed to the MoMA. Turned out, it was one of her mostly loved museums after the MET.

His words "I was sure I'd see you there during the "free night of museums" on Friday" circled in her head.

"I can do what he can", she thought. "It is worth a visit" - all her doubts were gone after the conversation with Rick, she felt confident, like a super heroes. Whatever he did, whatever she felt, it was so powerful - either high or low. An emotional roller-coaster.

Ticket and map in her hand, she spotted the art she wanted to see. Instantly loved entry paintings on the walls. Inner smile, yeah give me more - absorbing it all, working with her phone to capture conversation memories with Rick.

The MoMA exhibitions vary throughout the year. In addition to the American artists, works of Van Gogh, Chagal, Degas, Klimt, Monet can be viewed in this museum.

Museum is situated at 54th and Broadway Check out the inner garden for an outdoor oasis. Have some food at the first or fifth floor of the museum.

You can visit a sister museum of MoMA - PS1, the ticket you purchase for MoMA is automatically valid in PS1.

Not only paintings, but also photography is on a high inspiring level. Check out Rauschenberg's work:


Whitney Museum of American Art (Whitney)

This was where she really was during the "free night of the museums". She was anxious every time she stood in the queue or went to any sight, she was afraid to meet him unexpectedly and have nothing to say, looking lost.

"I am not sure we should wait", a beautiful girl addressed her boyfriend in doubt. "It is going rather fast," he encouraged her. It was not usually Uma's style to intervene or talk to strangers, but she dropped: "The queue to the Vaticani museum takes up to 3 hours to wait and is miles longer than what we see here," she smiled at the chap and he thankfully glanced at Uma then at his girl, silently going "See?!"

Whitley museum is welcoming your donation payment for the entry every Friday from seven p.m. American Art is displayed in this museum, built in the shape of and called "the piano".

Annotations and paintings, that she liked most, were located on the 5th floor.

You can use the stairs up to the 4th floor of the museum to enjoy additional exhibitions.

Fifth storey has got an additional external stairs and platform to reach the upper floors and to have a city outlook. The view onto the Hudson river, the Meatpacking district and the Highline are only afew to mention - the platform is worth a visit.

The top floor, like in many other galleries, offers you an option for food and drinks at the Whitney restaurant. Alterative option would be to explore the Chelsea market for a meal.

Guggenheim Museum

Outstanding with its architecture and art, the Guggenheim museum is located on the museum mile on the 5th avenue. Street artists will offer their work to you whilst you are making your way frothed MET to the Guggenheim. Check out the website for more details, as I only enjoyed Guggenheim's interior not the exhibitions this time.

Museum of American Indian

She has been passing this museum a couple of times on her way to the Staten Island Ferry. To get more into her collection "been there, bought a T-shirt", she headed there one day.

Brownie points: free admission and Bowery Green location (close to Staten Island ferry and Wall Street/ Broadway) for this museum. Beautiful building with a great Hall on the 2nd floor and magical spiral stairs inside.

If you are interested in art, created my American Indian, origin of Chile, Panama, Puerto Rico - this museum is right for you. Architecture photographers will love the museums's roof top.

In front of the museum there is a nice little park, where you can rest before or after the visit.

This is a dish by Diego Romero (1964) called "Night Frolic" - graphics remind of the genre of comic art. She noticed the dish and remembered Brussels instantly.

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