C'est Très Joli or Scarlett in Paris

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They went to Paris, just like he promised. His "revier" or territory, his favourite city, his birthday.

Tips for one day in Paris a lá Tiger were: 

  • see the Eiffel Tower

  • go by boat on the Seine

  • visit Lafayette for lunch

  • book Moulin Rouge for an evening program 

And they did all plus more.

On the train to Gare Du Nord, Tiger was engaged into receiving calls and congratulations. She was observing him. When he was reading something or trying to make a point, his forehead got two vertical lines and his eye brows moved a bit closer to each other - the left line showed more dominant. His plumpy lips got formed into some sort of an "ouuuh" just when he was about to speak. She loved this look on him.



At Place de la Madeleine, they tried some Paresian shell-shaped pastry called "Madeleine" - they sold them in different colours and shapes e.g. a baby-madleine with a choco bottom. She loved it, as the dough reminded her of Italian cupcakes they had in Emilia-Romagna. 

Madeleine is not far from Concorde to the South and Opera to the East of the quartier, it has top-end shops threading into different directions, and is famous for its "Pantheony-slash-museumy" looking church, bulkily placed in the middle of the square.

Crème de la Crème Designers

"Guccify yourself" was the motto, as they were window-shopping around Madeleine. The weather was perfect and both were in a good mood,  discussing brands and taste preferences,  trying accessories and browsing from designer to designer. 

Kerchiefs, glasses and bags were things she wanted, and of course - as they were in Paris then - she needed a French designer - Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior or Chanel.  

Around Opera, they stopped for lunch at Cafe de la Paix. She discovered a new taste of French fries with mustard - delish! Tiger kept sharing insider tips, probably remembering things he did around the areas, that they now visited together. "They play music pieces not only inside, but also outside of the Opera," Tiger said in a by the way matter. Especially in summer, she could imagine this free performance being lucrative for tourists and locals alike.

Galleries Lafayette

Needless to introduce Galleries Lafayette in Paris, which beats the Berliner version by far. Close to the Opera, Lafayette offers great and interesting shopping for designer things - up to your (and his) credit card limit. The shopping mall hosts more that just designer boutiques - it has an eye-catching roof, a great selection of foods and an overview platform - the first and the latter being for free.


At Fortnum&Mason in London, Tiger mentioned his Paresian sabbatical times and how he got his eau de toilette bottle engraved. She listened to his story then, but her imagination was far from what it really meant to have Guirlain.


This time, he took her by the hand to the Guirlain boutique in Lafayette to choose a scent. Then the bottle got engraved. It was so very special, and the perfume smelled so gorgeous. A little bit of spring in the bottle! She wears it now, spraying tiny drops onto her nape.

Seven or so stories high in Lafayette, they reached the roof-top platform overlooking the French capital. The view was breathtaking. Selfies and "all I want for Christmas is you" confession, Tiger was collecting romantic brownie points. She was pleased but his quotes from #tigerscharmerbook were needless somehow - his French and the whole trip were hitting the chart tops already, but she said nothing. A happy birthday drink on the roof-top in the Cube bar was a must. Tiger spoke about the necessity to celebrate success and special achievements: with a beer in a pub or champagne on the Eiffel Tower - no matter, the point was to pay tribute and celebrate. She liked his theory.

Buddha Bar

The night was young and Tiger's birthday was due to be celebrated with a dinner at one of  - what turned out to be her favourite - locations close to Concorde. She looked chic in her little black dress, tourists at the hotel bar were gazing at the couple. Classy, they took a taxi to the venue. The Buddha bar Thursday night was the perfect venue - cool, moody, qualitative and stylish. 

Delicious food and nice wine opened up exciting conversations. Phrases like "You are changing my life" and "You will get two proposals" were dropped into the round that night. After dinner, as they still sat in the ground floor lounge, it was time to give and receive presents. She figured she liked giving. In general, doing something loving to a person in your life, brings you an emotional high. She loved emotional highs. He liked his presents and put them away into the bag.

"Let us go up to the bar", Tiger suggested. She briefly checked some of the upper floor out - it was decorated with James Bond paintings, including Daniel Craig. 

Some vines and margaritas later, both conversation partners got sincere. 

"Tell me a secret...", she leaned towards him, smiling. "I do not know whether it is one or not...", he hesitated. "Yes, you do - you do know what is a secret in your life and what is not," she said. "Ok well, I told you about affirmations and supernatural powers, I believe in it."  

Not really a secret, hey? 

Scarlett blinked trying not to show her confusion... 

Tiger, on the opposite,  claimed his prize: "Now it is your turn, tell me your secret." 

She sipped on her wine to gain some thinking time. "I have phases in my life of being loved and loving crazily, it is changing like a wave with every partner," she said and added then: "I had a hard-core break up with my ex". Tiger nodded: "I guess it is like wanting to have something you cannot have any longer, I know how it feels." He just gave her a weapon voluntarily.

He said it was not easy to put him into a crisis state nowadays, but he was vulnerable to loose her. Still he said he did not trust her 100 percent and "generally does not let people into the core of his heart". There was an invisible border that few people crossed.

"How can we talk about love 3 months into the game?", she wondered aloud,  "We must be just playing...Pretending?"

"Not me", Tiger said holding Scarlett's hands. "Move in together. Marry you. I won't wait for 10 years, not even for three. But neither am I going to waste all the armor at once", he smiled.

She raised an eye-brow and was going to ask a question. He clarified:  "You get two proposals. The timing has to be right so that you say 'yes'." Tiger, someone's got an issue with rejection. She responded: "Everything happens at the right time."

He finished the marriage conversation with a joke: "Men should not tie their shoes at the Eiffel Tower." lol. It puts them on their knees.

They visited the Eiffel Tower twice during their trip. And Tiger did wear shoes with laces. What happened then, to be continued. 

Zou bisou bisou xxx

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