Let's Skip the Banter and Get Married

"Everything we love is about to die. So we must sum it up so beautifully, we shall never forget" ~ Pablo Picasso

Birthday Vibes

I slept badly, afraid to miss my taxi and my flight. 4:30 seemed like a semi-reasonable time to sleepily creep to the bathroom in the dark. Quick re-freshing, long yawn. Brushing the teeth, my glance touched upon his ring lying by the shaver holder: round silver shape, with an empty frame - missing a stone. It contrasted with the ceramic rectangular NYC panorama holder. "Chic and stylish Tiger", I thought to myself. 

Her trip started early. Before departing from home around four, she had to do some work and delegate tasks at work prio to the leave. She caught public transport to the airport on time, listened to some music and chatted to Mum. Yes, Mums are up at crazy times and always there to find out how their kids are. Mutual love vibes.

"Noooooo, nooooooo, no! Not yet :)", he kicked me out of the kitchen. "Surprise!" I was brought back to and picked up from the bedroom once ready. On the kitchen table, a lovely vanilla raspberry cake was waiting for me with three candles.  Another plate was serving a birthday card and a little black box, inviting to unwrap. "Happy birthday, I love you," he murmured, "make a wish". I blew the candles and asked: "May I open the card?" 

In the envelope, there was a white card decorated with tender copper hearts, being held by the four letters L O V E - very sweet indeed. "Every day I spend with you is the greatest gift in my life. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms in London". He gave me an angel necklace as my birthday present. The whole morning effort, him getting up before the roosters and the table arrangement was what mattered. It was great. I was treated special, I felt special.

Arrival in the Capital 

Some minutes past seven, in Stansted, I met and lost a nice artist - a German girl called Elisabett. We were both misfortuned at the airport's arrivals section, had to sit there and wait. We started to chat and instantly liked each other as if we were friends. What she reminded me of was to follow what you like and be spiritually wise in life. My phone did not (bloody) save her number and I spent all my Stansted Express journey (bloody) disappointed by this fact. Not wise really.

London Liverpool Street was where the Stansted express dropped her off. Amazing station, reminded her of trips to New Castle and York and that archy railway station architectural art. Even though she needed a break long ago, photography was prioritised and some snaps werde captured first. It was like a hunt: to find the best spot and shoot the best shot. Coming out into the day light to change onto tube, she just merged into the londony sunny day, the atmospheric area of the district and she was happy about everything, even about the mere fact of using her oyster.

"May I come with you to London?" Tiger asked. I was hesitant. I was reluctant. I was silent... remembering Blaine.

Cannot Catch a Fish Without Getting Feet Wet

London travel guide in hand, she actively explored Soho whilst waiting for him to arrive. The highlight of the Soho Square were the blood-red tulips growing in a cut half-diamond shape around the old style house in the middle. Like a child, she just jumped into this flower-bed of red, thick, wet, and unbelievably beautiful flowers. Snap after snap. 

She continued with her fav areas of the city, Leicester square being one of them: its starlings were a full story for themselves. "At last! They have finished renewing the starling offices building", she thought. The scaffolding was gone, displaying the beautiful decoration with some starlings in a flight freeze: wings up, wings down, each of the sections showing the bird in its current flight mode position. Feng shui flow a la starling x "Love the starlings on this building, they are to dream away."

Tulip hunt was not wet enough, so she added water to her feet by hunting ducks (alive) and fish (artificial fountain deco) at the Shakespeare fountain at Leicester Square. It was stupid happiness, anticipating his arrival. 

Leicester Square this year had tulips growing around the fountain, too. Combining familiar places with new experiences, I was enriching my London map with every step I made.  

Rick arrived sometime in the afternoon, dragging a huge blue bag behind him, almost too big for a skinny Blaine. "I arrived to give you a kiss," he said as romantic and cool as he only could at the hotel lobby. 


Back in March, they sat there, having americanos in a hamburger cafe. He stroke her cheek and repeated: "May I join you in London?" She nodded. "You make me very happy", Rick said. 

Later, she'd swear she would not let a guy join her solo holiday ever again. 

Now that he arrived in London, they went out for lunch. Later, the masons' society tour was weird, but he made it interesting by stroking her hand in the spacy churchy hall. She would remember, how the guide was explaining the symbols of paintings and decorations of the hall and how she would stop listening to the guide, concentrating on Rick's fingers, gently stroking up and down her fingers, hand and wrist... He got her slightly hot, a minute or so later she wanted to make love, and was happy looking forward to the upcoming fun.

The silence continued and I smiled. "Saturday and Sunday only," I said to keep my terms. I broke my rules for Tiger 🐯. 

On my birthday, it was the National Portrait Gallery (NPG), that I visited first. They had a fetish for royals: Tudors and some touching paintings of the current Queen, Princess Di and the two brother princes left a memorable impression. After the arty walk, I would recommend to go to their NPG restaurant on the third floor, the food is as good as the roof-top view. I did not go inside the National Gallery that day, but they did last year.

Artily Orgasmic

No sex that morning. Charing Cross Street led them towards the National Gallery and this was the "toppest"-top highlight of the whole London trip. How she loved all the art, again... He pointed out proudly, that these galleries in London are the truly best galleries with unbeatable collections. And she felt like he'd got proper roots and that British were the greatest. He did make a foot note by expressing some shame for stealing art from Greece etc. during the British empire times, i.e. most of the exponates displayed at the British museum.

Drawings of Venice, Madonna with a child - multiple work pieces by different painters. Turner and impressionism - he showed her around and imprinted her. Then, his comment that he was telling his friend about his crush lifted her up: "His friends know about me now! :)" she thought. Observing him in Tate the day before and in the National Gallery at that moment, or her walking around independenly, him anticipating the social rules and what would happen if they were alone - all of it was just soooooooooooooooooooo artily orgasmic. 

TATE and Defying Gravity

Tate at the Pimlico, there was more art

It was so underestimated of her to just go for an architectural shot to Pimlico (missing out the exhibition), as it was a beautiful area within Tate Britain worthy a stay. She was aiming for the staircase shot first. 

She did not realise at first but Ah!!! and Aw!!! Tate was full of beautiful enriching art, drawings and sculptures. She was impressed with Blaine's knowledge of the art work and how he knew Turner or could tell about Henry Moore's sculptures. He loved Lowry's work and had a painting hanging in his flat - so all of it made her want to learn, learn, LEARN!!!!!!! more and more, soak it all in, enrich and get it all into her brain, expand it / it's fun / it's knowledge / it's love for your mind and your soul.

Again, I definitely recommend to visit all Londons national museums, even art beginners will appreciate. 

James Bondy talks whilst viewing the buildings at the Thames embankment. Some pictures, him dreaming about a house in London whilst having fish and chips in a pub around the corner. You know you secretly want it, why pretend you eat tiny portions of salad?  That evening they went out to see 'Wicked' at Victoria. "Unlimited, together we are unlimited...", the song went. He squeezed her palm during the performance and at the interval, he gave her a puppy look and said "Let's skip all this jazz and just say 'I love you' to each other". A drink or two at the hotel bar, him drinking whisky. Of course, as the night got her tipsier, she was loosing control and saying more than a lady should. It was a great night though. And greater ones were to follow (key word Brussels, read the article next, but finish this one first). 

The British (Chess) Game

The British museum could not start greater than at the great court with its one of a kind ceiling and the halls homing sculptures from Egypt, Greece, Roman Britain - she especially liked the Lewis Chessmen. 

He knew all, it was a game for him. His experience and knowledge were like honey for the bee 🐝. He used it to his advantage, she learnt. 

I now wonder, how Blaine did not get bored to repeat all the visits, events. I guess he did get bored eventually.

Some nice souvenirs bought at the BM shop including stylish totes, one for her, another - for him. Was it then though, that she started to notice: "why does he say but does not do?"

Still, Blaine was convinced that he had an amazing weekend and he was happy 'cos he got a new gf and she was amazing.

It was in London, that he said to her (and she could not be happier then): "Let's just skip all this banter and go straight to getting married".

It was a dream... Just like Picasso's picture Le Reve, exhibited in the Tate Modern that April.


To be continued. 

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