Bane vs. Blaine

Last time I saw him was at the airport. It rained. "For a change", this was as far as my humour went. I felt anxious about the flight, as I always do. Even more so, because I was going to see Bane, one last time. When he arrived, he was dressed smart, all in black with a bright red silky Italian tie. Italy vibes. He met me and invited to go outside for a cigarette. We stood there in front of the black Talisman. He told me he was on an executive route which meant he should've had the BMW. The one I was escorted in to the airport, with a glass roof and all. "I like Talisman too, it looks smart", I shared my thoughts with Bane. "Your necklace is also a talisman", he dropped, releasing smoke from his mouth. I snuffed and smiled, I kinda liked him following my insta now. I forgot about the time. Tick-tock. All holiday moments were passing in front of me in my mind, as I watched him smoke and rain drops fall.

"You've not told me your fav film", he woke me up from my memories. I thought bit more then answered: "Gone With The Wind". Bane went: Casablanca... "Yeah...", I hesitated. "But I like Gone With The Wind more". Him mentioning Casablanca made me think he read "Remembering Brussels" blog story, Rick Blaine's times. And if he knew why I could no longer care about Casablanca. Bane was beating Blaine in a number of traits. Glad to be moving forward now.

"You do not need me", I told him. Bane disagreed: "Oh yes, I need you. HIM and I are friends now, thank to you. And you bring me good luck". It was first time that a guy pointed out Lakshmi qualities to me, a pleasant complement. I thought I was poison...

I said nothing. I strongly believed Bane had all he ever needed, without me. He had his own talisman at the end of the day.


"Come, give me a good-bye hug, and thank you for everything." I left.

When I arrived at the boarding gate 208, I realised it was one week with some light dating spells and nothing more than a kiss on a cheek, nothing further - respect. Bane was beating Blaine, definately.

Fantastic times in Portugal this spring. I should be switching off now. Switching over...

Shake off Lisbon charms.

We were left with own talismans each at the end of the day. With Forgiveness. Spirituality. Freedom.

P.S. The 2nd picture featured is "São Bruno em Oração" by Domingos Sequeira, displayed in Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Lisboa.

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