Last Day in Lisboa

I was following the sun that day. It was saying good bye to the city, to the holiday and a friend.

Alfama Joys

Uma vela at the Sé to start with. Browsing through Alfama led me to "O Ninho" cafe, first blessing of the day. With cafes and places it is like "either you like it or leave it" and this bar was totally my style and atmosphere. I stayed and carefully studied the elements of the interior, the heart of the place. Notice the picture on the left: it is a girl being hugged by the darkness. Hello , dark side, you are following me.

Back to the cafe: "O Ninho" was family run and multi culti, so friendly to other cultures including languages I did not speak, that they could compete with UNO.

The owners smiled, and patiently listened to my effortFull "portugesh". My standard order included an espresso, which I enjoyed. The waitress outside made me think. She reminded me of you and times spent together. Coffee and a cigarette is not a sin. I enjoyed the smell of the smoke... It's mundane and belongs to our life. To its pleasures.

The sun spells were warm but rare. It was a day of spring time sadness and abandonment.

I neither wanted to say good bye nor leave the city. I got a "last day of holiday" blues syndrome, where everything was so familiar, you finally learnt your ways around and all other tourists looked newbies in your shade. Lisboa's district puzzles were being put together in my head, new clues and streets joined into an "Aha!"-effect type of map.

Fabrica de Nata and Natas in General

If my PT knew how often I had natas whilst in Lisboa, he'd give me a "Nata" nickname and make me lift more weights to get those pastry thoughts out of my head.

I enjoyed the Fabrica de Nata place that Saturday afternoon, fetching some tarts to bring back home. Of course, the pasteis could not compare to the ones I had upon my arrival, together with Bane. It was still a blessing to shop and watch the bakers make the tarts.

Back to my mood matching the overcast weather in Lisboa: saying good bye to the city was still pressing on me.

Arco de Rua Augusta - My favourite Arc de Triumphe

On my to do list, there was an entry of going up to the Arco, so I bought a ticket. And I was delighted. Third blessing of the day. Compared to many roof tops that I visited before, Arco de Rua Augusta was seemlessly easy and nonetheless rewarding with a view from a square platform. Compared to the Elevator de Santa Justa, I have to put Arco first.

Few tourists on the top. Luckily and despite rainy forcasts, the sun was out in the evening, reflected light drew a rainbow which was rewarding to see.

I walked around the platform like five times, enjoying the view on each side.

Lisbon, you put a spell of me. I am in love with you. I would like to come back but until then... I was following the sun that day.

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