Bo Tem Mel

Our coffee morning turned into an Atlantic coast ride where, a wave after a wave, you conquered my plans for Lisbon, replacing them with the neighbourhood villages one more beautiful than the other.

Why do you even care and sacrifice your day (you should go and sleep instead of being up with me taking me places) to show me around Lisbon and surroundings?

Thank you for taking me to Cascais and playing Portuguese music. We spoke a lot again, in different languages and I got to know you better. And your black sporty Leon.

I feel guilty,  for keeping you all behind the scenes. Is it the way a girl is supposed to behave? A girl is supposed to be and seduce? I am not doing anything to be likeable. 

But, God damn it, it feels so good and looks incredible. 

You picked me up around eight am that morning. The official plan was to go drink some coffee I thought, just for a couple of hours I thought. Little I knew then.

You drove past Miradouro de St. Luzia pointing the spot out to me, and I spent my whole evening around the area, enjoying the Alfama sights overlooking the river Tejo.

You drove, playing Portuguese music, complaining about traffic during the day time. Sweet! First, you took me to Cascais. Rich people go here, they are not interested in Lisbon or city tours. Only five estrela hotels and views.

Atlantic coast is incredible, I must admit. So the first stop at the village was worth it. The further you drove. The better it became.

At Cabo da Roca,  we spoke about the most occidental point in Europe and drank coke zero. You missed your cigarettes,  I missed trying one.

The beach was flat, wide and cheerful, thank to two Jack Russells running frolically between their masters'. I felt all. Great pictures temptation,  looking good to you desire,  ilha Amrum visions.

Sintra... Can it be? No it is too far I thought.

Yet, you took me to the highest point of Sintra, which was the Peninha and one more secret spot, lacking the overflow of tourists.

Can it get better? I wondered.

You drove faster. It got better. Turning the curves, we reached Sintra, a mind blowing village and area, where you stop and drop every second of your way. 

It does not have to be commercial to be special. 

You said I 'disconnected your network' - back then, at the airport upon arriving - by smiling and calling you by your name first time. You said, you forgot all your professional offers and sentences when we started talking in the car. 

It was great. How do I prove it? To me it's proof enough if I don't show off the great pictures I took, on my more popular insta account but savour all of them to this blog article. To me, it's even more proof, that I am blogging every time I meet you, Bane.

How can it be? You are so restrained yet so daring! So dark and "sith", yet so soft and romantic! So rude and at the same time such a sweet talker when you want. Is it all a cold-hearted plan that I am oblivious to?

You turned my whole holiday and all my plans tupsy turvy. With you, I am lazy and pampered. Seeing sights an ordinary tourist would never see. #Living-lisboa-like-a-local.

Once in the car, you took my hand and kissed it, your hands feel good like soft cushions. 

And even if we are not meant to be, for this time, I dive in and pretend there could be a continuation. 

Lisbon is different,  it's more, it's yours when I am with you. 

Thank you for making me feel special,  like a "королева" 👑, my half Italian half Portuguese king.

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