I Like Me Better When I am With You

Tiger picked me up at 5.30 pm and our Saturday evening was promising to be fun. He asked where I wanted to go, Le Lion or East commenting “East is the classic”. So how not choose East. He drove, one hand on my lap. I had my sparkling Quiz dress on, high heels and a red lipstick on, fabulous. Fabulous for the night. Fabulous for him.

When we entered East, he did not take me straight to a table. Instead, Tiger pointed out the wavy columns of the interior, the way how the architect combined the core of a historical building with the modern architecture and the lower & upper levels of the bar. Yeah, East looked cool.

We found a nice spot at the bar. He ordered some African red wine, and it was delish. We cheered and started our talk. I had been looking forward to this night out and our conversation whole week! Topics varied, some were more interesting than others, and included books, films, preferences, horoscopes, relationships and the conversation was "paused" by a kiss every now and then.

Tiger talked about generation "Y" and came across as bossy. "Be bossy with Me!", I exclaimed to myself in my mind, craving. He knew all about industrial estates and sounded confident in negotiations & leadership. All these factors made him shot.

He leaned to me, I stopped sipping my wine preparing for another kiss. He suddenly whispered into my ear “I would like to make love to you”. I smiled and said “no comment”. Then, in return and as an encouragement, I added “Wrong, there is a comment - I'd like that too”, which made him go like “Let's go”. Easy, Tiger, “not tonight”. When he asked “Are you sure”.. tipsy as I am, I answered “No, I am not sure”.

We finished our drinks and left, he drove me to his. On our way, I thought in the car that I was not interested in the result and would take the night easy whatever may come. Whilst driving he said "We got to know each other a month ago".

At his, Tiger lifted me up and carried into his bedroom. The light dimmed as if in anticipation of something hot.

Softly, he dropped me into the comfy sheets. "Helf mir zu vergessen was war, ich park mein Herz bei Dir heute Nacht".

With lots of care, passion and love, we were melting into this act and he was full of energy to give, so was I. He kissed me all over my body, hook-hugging me between my legs with his arm and ending his hug with his palm on my back. This was boosting the emotional intimacy, I felt loved. I got to know later that this technique comes from a wrestling move called "cradle", oh how I love being cradled.

Tiger broke all records and was mindful about everything. I did not sleep that night really, but it was worth it. Worth it to wake up and wish each other a good morning, make love again and take a shower together. Then he made Italian coffee (finally I made acquaintance with the famous Pavoni and tasted its product), whilst we sat there, having breakfast in his bright white kitchen, listening to Lipa "Be the One" and watched snow falling from the sky.

Everything felt new and different.

Tiger filled me with energy, he seamed to truly care.

When I arrived home, I ran to sports and then had a fabulous walk in the snowfall. Hamburg, new love is happening when the snow is falling.