The Feb (fab) Kiss

Well, well - such surprising weather and an interesting turn to our walk today!

I started off at the Uhlandstrasse tube station and walked to capture shots before we were due to meet.

It seldom snows in winter here, but today the city was white and beautiful. Kids were sliding down the hills, which were covered in thin snow. Dogs were chasing after balls and sticks, their masters wrapped up in scarfs and  hats. 

I was on my way, the cam in one hand and tissues in the pocket. The snow, in its white glow, was turning usual places into charming unknowns. And the snowflakes falling down were keeping the flair of romance. 

Tiger's Hugs

I got lost and called you, had the cafe been renamed? When we met (a little German nuance, known by me now, was a prickly kiss on a cheek), you offered to walk around the waterside, gently laying your arm around my back, just around my waste. Huh! Surprising start! I thought.

We spoke about different, primarily polite, stuff. I occasionally looked at you, raising my head to see your face - so tall and slim you are, I thought. 

Along the way, we met some of your ex colleagues. You were very polite to them and I bet it was the joint sense of pride in the air. I was glad I felt it. I was proud to look the way I did and be with you there. The conversation grew more interesting,  it was exciting to get to know each other. Thank you for your story about the Italian coffee machine ritual, by the way, I enjoyed it.

You spoke about marriage and the highly&carefully selected privilege of the right one to be with you, to be married to you. Do you want to know what I thought? It went like this: you don't even know who I am and I cannot care less whether you will ever find out or want me as your wife. And we started talking about liking and loving someone. You asked me whether I believed in love at first sight. I do not. 

Turns out, we talk about the same aspects and share the same opinions about the difference in liking and loving. You asked me whether I feel warm - good excuse - taking me by the hand. How very interesting, I thought. 

We carried on walking. You spoke about trust. And I asked you about second chances. Second chance exists in your world. It is rare in mine.

Berlin and Hamburg, compared, got to you because I did not make a clear difference in favour of you fav city. "Love it or leave it", I said. Is that too much of a careless asshole from my side, lol?

"I am glad we met," you added to our conversation. And I mumbled something in agreement. 


Tiger's Kisses

By now, we were on the opposite side of the outer Alster. You slowed down, then stopped and gave me a sign - just like in a dance, a leader would give a slight pull to the follower. I like being led, I thought, and you turned me towards you. You reached out. Uh-oh... Our faces came closer. Uh-oh square, excitement grew. 

You carefully touched my lips with yours. Here we go, so quickly, my inner voice stated - I did not get a chance to recompose myself. Many thoughts crossed my mind, 'what does it mean?', 'should I hug back?' , 'uuh, this is nice...'

Your kissing was soft, loving, just what a girl needs; you are one of the best German kissers I met. And God bless, not a tongue thruster. Your kiss was nearly perfect (considering the phases of a kiss I know of, but those are just nuances), definitely perfect as a manly kiss. Then you said, "I believe in love at first sight". Where did you get that from? And, if it is a prompt, did you fall in love with me?

Kissing repeated at the art gallery and when we said good bye. I loved it.

There was more things I liked about the walk and our date - the opportunity of exploring something new, and this gentle&polite peu à peu "not straight into your face" approach. There was an outlook of boarders to cross and break, which was so exciting, yeah.

As we reached the inner Alster, you made plans and spoke about joint travelling and how Italy was a great place to visit. It's nice to make plans - I thought - and it's nice to try things out. It's nice to share experiences and make new memories together. 

Oh I loved this Sunday, just like I knew I would.


5th Feb 2018 Dear universe, Thank you for bringing me so much joy through Tiger.

His kiss was a first highlight since such a long time. I had to wait for seven long months after my break-up until new breath-taking, soul-shaking events. His kiss. I replay it in my memory over and over again. I want more. It was a male’s touch. Oh what I’d give to get another dose. I am sad now and trying to distract myself, not to think about him. He is not texting. I wish I would not stalk Whatsapp so frequently.

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