Danish Sketches or Alice in Wonderland

How many times have I visited DK before? Never considered to honour it with a blog post yet.

Now it is the right time.

Hello, stressful week. Hello joy found in the detail, joy found in everything. And a quote "I no longer need a body-guard".

I am going through a marathon phase called "the wind of change" and there was a reminder in today's lesson - reminder to think and care about myself. Work on relationships by caring about the relationship to yourself first.


Danish Middle of Nowhere

Having a pint and a dinner brought me to comfy and pleasant options. Thoughts about creativity led me to Alice. She made me pick tonight's choice. I got up, paid and left to meet her.

Cold. In 10 mins I reached the location. Hi, looking beautiful as always. Snap on an improvised tripod, kept carefully exposing so it would not shake. The cam still caught my slight movements and created snaps a la "unprovoked impressionism on a cold Danish January night".

Ok. I kept looking for a frame that my party chimp eye likes. He's so good with it. It stroke me then. Alice was painted as a graffiti pic with a rabbit in the corner of the room. He contributed to the pic. Still if you ask me, the main character looked like Alice even without the rabbit. It stroke me further - I am complete without you in my life. You WERE just a topping on my life's cake. More so, to try and fit this rabbit into the frame, took the focus away and was so hard. Why even try? You are perfect and enough as you are. Great composition. And by far my favourite graffiti in DK if not in the world.


Up North - Aalborg

Up North it was also good time spent. Both alone and with my cultural friends. We laugh. Bingo. And a savior.

Highlights were the architecture that make me think about the scandinavic style: simple, bold, edgy. Stop, drop and watch: 

Another memorable point was the scating rink. 

And the Indian restaurant - the tasty mango lassi and my a la Lewis Carroll nuts idea about self-made pickles. 

Peugeot is great. Love the freedom and opportunities. It is hard to remember the benefits and chances. Then to play the strengths. 

Danes? I do not want to go there tonight. They say you need to clean your mind daily and make a choice. Shine like a star and if fallen, bounce back off the marianic hole to rise anew x

And that's why I stop talking about Danes tonight x

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