Apple Flavoured, Perfume Scented


A light spell of excitement last night in the shower. Tomorrow,  I am flying to Paris! Like "ohm, Paris, I'm gonna insta like there is no tomorrow, all the beautiful sights of the French capital x."

The journey started with an apple flavoured cookie.  A true delight of taste. It got a sleepy me into the mindful mood.

I arrived at St. Michel. The AirBnB flat is somewhere around the corner, I know it. The Sein and Notre Dame, hello you two!

The inner yard of the host house is so cosy and historical. I feel like I am in a fairy tale. 

Inside, I am greeted with an espresso and a piece of dark chocolate. This is a great refreshment but I'm restless and setting off to the museum soon.

As I walk down the Sein promenade,  I enjoy the sights and I am looking forward to the exhibitions.

My turn in the queue for the entrance is now due, I buy the ticket and go exploring. Positively restless,  I am reinforced by the abundance of great pieces of art everywhere in the museum. I select one of the halls and dive into the art. Well known classics and also new painters attract me with their work. Among the new favourite there are Maximilien Luce, Pierre Bonnard,  Eduard Vuillard. Impressionistic picture are unclear when up close, it's only from further away that you can see the forest for the trees. Distance yourself, let yourself wAnder, not wonder x

It is a bonus to see Degas. Despite the overcrowded small hall, I manage to view and enjoy his work. First instagram post with a "crabby" quote.

Musee d'Orsay has got a special something. How come I never knew it before you told me?

I carry on walking along the Sein. A stranger dances salsa with me and, "goodbyeing", he points out an orthodox cathedral. My standard tourist package consists of climbing up, going by boat, visiting a church, so I go inside to feel spiritual.

Not long left and I am inspired by the Eiffel Tower, it's glowing on the cool blue background - seems as not a piece of iron but true gold. To me and my childishly exclaiming soul it is a pure highlight. Spring vibes in winter, as if a madmoizelle would dress up and hurry to a date. Not my quote, but it is a suitable comparison.

A crepe and off to Trocadero. My Napoleonic plans are put off till tomorrow - January is a truly cold month, so a RER takes me to a dinner with a Notre Dame view and a glass of Bordeaux. 

Somewhere between the wine and feeling sleepy, I get some sensual thoughts and those memories of you and I cover me. I dream of a boyfriend. He'd reach out in bed, claiming my side of the bed, with his arm around my waste.  Warm thick stream of sexual arousal fills me. My tummy gets butterflies. My whole body is slightly and oh so pleasantly tickled. I am warm. I'm full of desire. I am melting. I am trembling. I want him. I want this to never stop. I want this to continue forever... à suivre...

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