British New Year 2018

Arrivals section of the airport: you waved but not smiled nor came towards me, awkward tip-toeing around each other. I look straight into your eyes. Here I am, gorgeous and bold, and I have left doubts and past behind. Let's have a great time this NY eve. Breaky and a shopping tour in Hanley. All looks familiar,  all sounds great, the English language everywhere, "awesome Gotham"!! Take me places in your car or (solely) take me in your car. Talk, small talk. So, I go and buy all of the dvds saying "007 and Daniel Craig", then all the cards saying "merry Xmas" and you carry my bags, pointing out more shops, offers and deals to view like a real gentleman! Tesco and we shop more, then drive to yours. There, I meet your gorgeous friendly cat, she must be on the rare species list for domestic animals and have won a world's award for kindness, just like you! Paw-hi-five! I like T.Swift's album that you ripped for my phone. Thank you! You truly "like me for me", you listen and take care and look after. After a brew or two, you suggest we go explore. You take me to familiar places including the lightened up tree, a magical view, why did I even hesitate whether to go or not. It's a no brainer, missus.

Then -  a drink at one of my fav pubs, oh you sweet cider, a live tall Christmas tree, candlelight,  atmospheric! 

As we are in the car again, the town has not changed a bit. Sharp needles in the throat,  and my heart falls down to my heels as all the memories and moments cover me over with their English wave. "Hold on to the memories,  they will hold on to you" and I will hold on to you. I totally ignore the date, the duties, my phones and do all offline, with you. "Ohhh Lord, save me. My drug is my baby I'll be using for the rest of my life." Fire at yours, your fireplaces rock. So do your decorations and Xmas cards display. Impressive! And Jason Bourne legacy is remembered by "We belong here"- confidence and her "I was hoping we were lost" phrase and him rolling the map closed. And then the main soundtrack with sirens.. Time flies, you kitty entertains and cuddles, and then it's time to say a happy NY.  The hug lasts forever. I feel you miss me. There could be smth tonight, couldn't it. You ask me in.. give me a hug. You let me sleep on your arm. You on your back, I'm on my tummy, connected on the sides. Let's play. I'm ready. So we do and I am throwing all prejudices aboard, away. We have fun.

Next morning follows by a scented shower and "eggs and soldiers". We go for a brisk cold walk. I like this place, I call it mine. Memories.

Lunch at yours and time for me to leave. My bags explode but I persist and take all pieces of England with me. Why though? A part of me will be English forever. Pain in my body, tears in my eyes, heartache. We are adults. No regrets. We will be happy. You will be happy and I will be happy. You deserve it. And I hope, I deserve it too, light and love to you, into your life, in abundance and thank you for great times spent and showing me what Cheshire love is like x