Close to Hudson

The journey in NYC continues. I am a hunter for open to public sights and would like to share some of my impressions with you in this article. Notice, there is a doubled joy to explore the sights 1. during day and 2. by night. Out of question 3.exploring all with a loved one.

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge

You see it in nearly any documentary about NYC, it is a landmark of the city. Head for the subway station "Brooklyn Bridge" to find your way onto the pedestrian path along the bridge. Beware of the bike line sharing the same path with the pedestrians and stick to your side to avoid anger and injuries.

The later you go, the more be prepared to photograph a lot of tourists on the bridge as you make your way - they are also strolling down for views and pictures.  Look back if you are heading from Manhattan to Brooklyn, there is a stunning skyscraper panorama behind you. Smile, relax on the benches, take pictures and enjoy the walk.

Take the left after you are on the Brooklyn side of the bridge and go into the pedestrian tunnel towards DUMBO (down under the Manhattan bridge overpass). On the crossing of the Washington street and Water street you will find another sight to photograph.  It is the famous looking down the street Manhattan bridge.

 You can find a similar shot opportunity of the Brooklyn bridge if you head for Plymouth Street and Jay Street in Dumbo.

Staten Island Ferry

The ferry service is frequent and free. It is one of my top three favourites and I recommend you do it.

 I enjoyed the ferry ride during the early morning hours. I returned one evening to see Manhattan and the statue of liberty lit up. Anytime you go, you will get a beautiful view onto Manhattan, the bridges to Brooklyn and, with a telephoto lens, you will be able to get a descent shot of the statue of liberty. For free. 

Enjoy the shots below taken on my morning trip.

 The morning sky is unforgettable.

 The Statue of Liberty is standing proudly greeting not only the French. Everyone is welcome. The shot below was taken with a 200mm zoom.

It offers to visit the Museum of American Indian or the WTC memorial after your ferry ride, when you are back in the Whitehall docks.

My article (in Russian) about the museums is linked here. English version to follow.

One WTC (World Trade Center) Memorial

Just 5-10 mins walk away from the Bowling Green and Staten Island Ferry docks, you will find the one WTC memorial.

I get a heavy heart when I visit the sight, yet it is still one of my favourites and within the top three after the Grand Central Station and the Staten Island ferry.

Going up the one WTC and other skyscrapers, joining one of the tours and buying souvenirs or learning more about the 9/11 is an option for the tourists directly at the location. 

It is worth seeing the fountains, how it drains the waters down into the deep and dark. Experience the contrast of the tall skyscrapers around the flat ground zero. A sentimental extra touch - they place fresh white roses on to the engraved names of the victims on their birth date.

 Symmetrically planted trees fit the sight perfectly and provide another contrast between nature and beton structures. Hope. New life.

Sad love from the first sight. 

 Notice the Fulton shopping centre, made in the form of the alienated wings (it seems to me). When those wings are aligned with one of the skyscrapers, they make the building look like an angel.

Enjoy the southern part of Manhattan whatever you choose to do:

- Strolling up and down the embankments 

- Exploring the architecture and art in the Museum of American Indian 

- Taking a Staten Island ferry

- Visiting the WTC memorial

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