Big Apple's Highlights

New York was my dream holiday destination - the city that never sleeps, has style, is always busy and super interesting for any tourist. They say "There is so much to do! So much fun!" All of the circumstances before and around the trip - I'd let none of those ruin my adventure and I was super excited to go on my dream holiday.

The Grand Central Station

Following my interests and pinching walking ideas from the book, I started at the grand central station to enjoy the architecture of the inner hall. I was amazed by the spacious ceiling and the decorations they have installed in the station. Breath-taking, explore for yourself: there is 2500 stars and the Baroque meets Reneissance in this architectural piece.

Touching the Sky - NY Skyscrapers

If you ask me about skyscrapers in New York, I would prefer Chrysler building to the Empire State building. First, personally, comes the one WTC, then the Flatiron, the Rockefeller Center, then the Chrysler - in this order. The one WTC is the highest building in the whole Manhattan. As I'd learn that Sunday from him, they say you can see "everything" from the top, the only "downside" is that the panorama platform is all glassed.

The Rockefeller center has got a display at the front with some wise quotes from Mr.Rockerfeller. They grabbed me with my "30-40 years old" box.

The Broadway

The Broadway was a long-long walk (I was heading all the way from the Flat Iron to the Central Park) and it made me think about how everything is so busy and so flashy - even during the day. The famous ave is not in vain famous. It floods you with choices and it is hard to pick what the highlight is - everything looks good. Ny citizens have seen it all and are rushing through NY without paying attention to adverts - make it bigger, brighter, oversize the ad so it catches the NY-ker's eyesight - they've seen all the "Matcha"s and "Rick me up"s and "maxi size breaky" etc. That's why for a tourist, or to me, it feels like the Broadway flair is trying hard, you have got so much to look at - no clue where to pay attention to, what is focus point? Maybe it is the Broadway itself, or the NYC? Maybe the point is there are many focal points. Oh wait a second , gotta see - "Look here", then 2 steps further - another cafe sign shouts "look there, I'm the lost important and cool!". They do not agree on a common scene, everyone does their own, just like a melting pot - this is intense for a newby to experience for too long. After being in NYC for some days, I explored a different, wider Broadway which I liked more - it is at the bottom of Manhattan close to Bowling Green and around Soho area - my favourite bits of the Broadway.

The Times Square

Strangely, the most overwhelming and "too much" place that you can imagine - the Times Square - I really liked. I sat down and had a look around the flashy adverts and I enjoyed my time there. They do say, that NY-kers avoid this square and that it is too touristy and not NYC. All I say is see it for yourself and make your own opinion.

As you can guess, NYC has got much more to offer, read my next upcoming article about further adventures and "the usual big apple's suspects" - the Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, my review of the NYC food and the hidden gems. Cannot wait to see you there!