Eastern European Prejudices

Before my travel, I had little understanding of why Budapest is called "Paris of The East", instead I was full of post-sovjet prejudices about the city. Also, I did not have a fine-tuned plan of where I’d go in Budapest, just a rough idea of one or two places. Before my flight, I got a very useful travel guide with a map and planned spots to visit whilst sitting on the plane to Hungary.

Arrival was seamless and effortless, the tube works well in Budapest, the suburbs of the capital reminded me harshly of how the post-soviet cities look (hello, prejudices), unspectacular, underdeveloped, so 80ties. Why is it in most cities that the city centre looks so fancy but the further you go from it, the worse the city looks? Lots of Russian speech everywhere. Keeping undercover. Oh well, forget the suburbs - Budapest hugged me straight away and impressed me with its beauty in the city centre. It was like it was saying - "here I am, dissolving your preconceptions, I'm beautiful. Welcome, give me a hug, you x" Inpatient to see more and use my time effectively, my afternoon was spent climbing up the Buda hill to get to the palace on top. My bags were heavy, I kept snacks and cameras on me, so note to myself "pack light next time". With my cam and my phone, I found and captured lots of secret shots on my way.

The hill top had a gallery and an overview platform over to the Danube and the parliament building. March 2017 was still a season of bold trees - it felt like the coolness of winter was fighting with the warmth of spring.

Patience is a virtue.

I kept thinking about work a lot, kept being worried first days of my holiday. The thoughts were related to the service, I could not really switch off during the first week. I can hardly let go, impatient...

Those thoughts were being fought by the city, it was filling my eyes and life with new impressions and memories. It was so worth it to come here and break my prejudices, it was awesome. Lots of tourists with the yellow cam strap - the Nikon family, hey! Hello to tourists on the old Seilbahn, that moment and picture was capturing an exchange with the smiley girl like "hey, you are just like me, we are friends and fans of Buda!!”

At moments, I felt so fresh, so spring-like, so light in the sunset of March.

My place to stay: value for money place -the Tree Corners Hotel Art - it was central.

My tunes for the holiday: I listened to Coldplay and Burak Yeter and Ed Sheeran's mix of Bloodstream all the time and it was cool.

That night, a friend found out I was in Budapest, as I shared some posts on instagram and recommended an authentic place to go out. He did a good job with his recommendation.

Wine tasting in the crazy contemporary place called Szimpla Kert was a great experience with a very handsome bar tender. You can do much more than wine tasting at the place. Worth a visit.

For dinner, I had a cool wrap at the Bors gastro bar - if you are a fan of star wars in combination with deliciously prepped wraps - this is a good choice for you to visit and recharge in Budapest – may the force be with you. First day in Budapest and my prejudices turned into fondness and desire to see more of the Hungarian capital.


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