Adventures on the Other Side of the Tiber

Last Night

Last night we were joking and talking about seeing the sunrise at St. Peter's Square but in reality it was never gonna happen at 5.30 am for, whereas some people are dating a sweet tooth guy, I am with a sweet sleep guy - which is fine. Not sure myself either, if I wanted to get up that early myself to rush to St.Peter's.

Last night, before going to the hotel room, he said something about "keeping it together and not making scenes during the holiday" (as if she was, she actually meant "she was not happy anymore", he took it as a start to a break up... where was his eagerness to mend things here? it was even better and mora than just a thing, it was a true loving relationship from her side at least, she meant it), and something about him "being strong when in his comfort one, but not here, in Rome away from his place , from his sense of security and control and power" , he asked her not to talk about their relationship or try elaborate on her "happiness level". She was silent. She unwillingly agreed and lived with this blockage for 1,5 years after.

Waiting in Vatican On a sunny Sunday morning, we took the tube to the Vatican. Of course, we queued up in a long queue...dreadly long queue - all the way down to St.Peter's Square. And I thought "I need to come to terms and peace here and just wait". Some people can, some people cannot. There was tension in the queue, but there were also good vibes. A lot of tourists were photographing the crowd length, I was photographing the people in the queue catching their story at that moment of time. There was this girl, bored, leaning onto her mom's shoulder observing the crowd and searching how to entertain herself, whilst mom was browsing her mobile. At some point, due to me taking long trying to find best moment and shot, the girl noticed me then looked away. She has beautiful eyes, she is beautiful.

A couple from Asia - she was pregnant and she laughed at something hugging her husband.

Observing these people is like taking part in their life briefly, is like getting a part of their emotion projected onto yourself. It is rewarding when the shots turn out just the way I saw and felt it in that moment.

I wish he and I hugged, I wish I told him smth tender instead of us standing silently in the crowd. He wow'ed the length of the queue negatively.... First wow of the day.

We managed to complete the queue around 9.45 am and the entry was free on the last Sunday of the month, which was a great bonus.

We agreed on a plan of visiting the Sistine Chapel first, then checking out the gardens outside and taking a picture of the beautiful symmetrical round stairs last.

Vatican museums offered great art (mostly godly and holy motives) and some paintings I really enjoyed e.g. the picture of the Trafalgar square and seeing Max Pechstein with his "Vater unser" piece of art. Why is Vatican full of icons? It's a Catholic state and museum of godly things so that's why!!

I was naughty and keen on taking the pic of the Sistine chapel and I practiced with my cam whilst we were viewing other art on the way. Turned out, my cam was too loud and slow but I still took my chances when we stood observing the ceiling in the middle of the room.

Head outside for a quick break and a refreshment drink. When I am hunting pictures and distinct views, I am not myself, especially if hunting for subjects is unsuccessful. I am really after these round stairs and the Vatican museum map does not really explain where they are. No round stairs anywhere to find. We were late with out time schedule, but still not leaving the Vatican museums, trying different routes to find the stairs. No joy. Never mind, on the way out he suggested sending cards from the Vatican post and I sent a card to my cousin of the "not found by me this time stairs".... And on the way to the exit.... I saw the...stairs!!!!!!!!!! Yes, this is the exit from the Vatican museum - my fav stairs! (how many times have I mentioned the word stairs in this blog entry, lol?) Enjoyed photographing the spiral and appreciated the fact we weren't on a guided tour rushing to follow the guide and the group like last time - I hardly saw anything in peace afraid of loosing the group.


We head to St. Peter's. Even though it is boiling hot, I am still admiring the great square, its architecture, and plan to visit the top of the dome next time I am in Rome. There is a long queue into St.Peter's that we do not join, we head for lunch instead.

Trastevere area was promising beautiful views and nice cafes to have a break. Unfortunately, we chose a road without breaks or shops or stops to head there. It was over an hour walk before we finally arrived in the "oasis" area. Worth a stop - an overview platform around the fountain dell' Aqcua Paola.

In cafe Corsetti, that we chose, they served us bread and there was this baby sparrow, who flew over to the table, sat down onto the portable canon cam. Seeing birds or animals in general so close, and being close to nature, excites me and gives me an emotional boost. The sparrow got some crumbs off us. This was a great experience.

Heading back down very nice, old and authentic looking Trastevere streets. Had a break at the Jewish ghetto - I am watching the crowd and taking candids again - this is how I experience the places I go to.

He gets me a pressi at the souvenir shop, it is wrapped and I am asked to open when at home - ok, thank you.


That night, we were out for food and drink in the neighbourhood around our hotel and the Termini station. I had a good time, sipping my glass of red wine that was ordered with an antipasti salad: little food but enjoyable meal. I never ate heavy meals whilst out with Blaine.

We then walked a bit and visited the Brewdog place. Beer I had there was in a funky cool glass, just around the corner from the Colosseum. I really enjoyed the young feel of the brewery.

As we sat close to Colosseum by night, Blaine treated me to a cocktail called "fruit ticki", which contained white rum. That was a tiny but tasty cocktail, which I enjoyed along with a view onto the Colosseum, lit up golden by night and never empty of tourists. It was a good night, we were in Rome, drinking cocktails watching the Colosseum in the evening - it was a beautiful colour combination of the dark blue sky and the golden lights of the sight. Rome, you are great!


I have put a map together, should you wish to walk my story of "Adventures on the Other Side of the Tiber".

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