Roman(tic) End

Birthday Morning

It's his birthday today. Do I wake him with a kiss? I am indecisive...Trying to do any similar activity in the early morning hours proved ineffective in the first days of our arrival in Rome so I leave him in peace to wake up naturally.

We are in Rome!

I get up. The shower gel in the bathroom smells like a peach. Delish... uhm... Pretty proud of the wrapping and crafty skills I used for his card and present. Every single gift was thoughtful and cool, I thought. No transportation creezes, great! Breaky was great. Quiet. And at the end...I gave the presents to him, one by one, saving best till last... He first opened the card. Without too much fuss, within seconds, he read the message & said thanks.

Asked for a quick kiss.

Off to the next present.

The rubber toy Batman duck. He loved it.

Then the comics book, ok, his comment "Ist auf Deutsch?" Cmon, it's our baby groot fun cinema night out reminder. And our Belgian comics museum reminder.

Then the hoptimist. The duck and the comics book might not have impressed him yet. But the wooden hoptimist - the most expensive Danish gift - was the highlight, of course. I knew it.

After all, he exclaimed "oh, I only gave you one present for your bday!..". As if the number of things matters.


Very hot days in Roma, plus 36 and no clouds. People are cooling down any way they know how. Girls are running around with flat paper umbrellas, those that look like Japanese geisha style ones.

We are standing here in the queue to buy the St. Angelo Castle entry ticket. As we are waiting for our turn at the cashier's, I am still speechless. My mouth, my throat, my freedom to speak myself out were taken away... Out of love, respect and care for him I agreed to follow his prohibition NOT to talk about the relationship either in Rome or during his birthday. Distracting myself, I enjoy these tours. I think to myself, " have a telephoto lens - a completely wrong range of mm for this city trip or this castle visit, but such an interesting challenge to take candids by finding motives". Small break with a brew and hello again, photography. They have a charismatic cafe on one of the upper levels in St. Angelo Castle and a green open veranda for people to choose seats inside or outside.

Keeping photography going. There is a seagull drinking water, attracting tourists and saving itself from the heat. I like places with history. They had lions with big eyes displayed on the walls and ceilings. Also, there were similar "kinda cute" pitty looking lions, holding flags at the Vatican yesterday. And today at the castle we find the same type of lion. Was pity being a signal? The view from the very top of the castle is the cherry topping of the tour. Best to last. Save it till last. I take some portraits of him, with my and his camera. Luckily for him, there are images on his cam, unfortunately I never got to send him my versions. It did not matter in the end.

Don't play all your cards at the beginning. Less is more. Another thought: "You gonna punish me, oh so hard, when you leave home after this hol". I never like him driving away home, but that's life, we have separate jobs, countries to work and live in. Words are silver. Silence is gold.


So, how was your lunch? Dishes like the rucola tomato salad thinned with smth. else (otherwise the strong taste of rucola kills the taste of other ingredients) and brucceta pomodoro are definitely a take away idea for future self-cooked dinners.

Yeah, and now off to Navona for a huge portion of Italian soft, melting on top of your tongue, delish ice cream.


Then, I walked with him towards the hotel. And after some time of walking, he lead me to ...wait for it ... there it was - the Trevi fountain, my favourite sight in Rome. It was great to see Trevi once more and I thanked him with enthusiasm.

We enter a couple of souvenir shops and I decide to get him a small gift, for navigating to my fav Roman sight. I choose a red ferrari toy as a souvenir. And I remember, he entered a magnet shop yesterday and surprised me with a little wrapped up pressi nicely (at home, when I opened it, it turned out to be a magnet of the street sign saying 'Piazza Fontana Di Trevi'). I get myself a cheesy "manual" fan in the shop to keep myself cooled down in this heat. Anyhow...the shopping of the toy car and the fan cheer me up.


We would then reach our hotel and set ourselves off to the airport to find out that the flight would be delayed.

I sense that Blaine is upset. I don't want to "hold" him at mine: he's gonna be angry in the morning just like he is angry and tired tonight!

Do you actually know - life sucks without making love on a day where you are pretty much certain there will be no sex. It sucks! Especially if you spend the whole day with your partner - with the partner you love and want!

Arriving at mine after midnight, he would gain more power (as if he needed it) by finding his car (as in "a piece of his comfort zone"), break up with me and drive back home.

Shaking with my whole body, I would go to bed. Just as you would, if you spent the whole day with your partner - with the partner you loved and wanted...


"Romantic End" map is linked below.

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