My Roman(tic) Holiday

My second trip to Rome after 2014. I love Italy - its flair, its 'holiday everything' attitude.


Diana Rooftop Gardens

Waking up early. 5.30 am ish. Stroking him. With love, through my touch, showing him my love and appreciation. Trying to kiss him awake. No reaction. He is pretending to carry on sleeping, is he not? As for me, I enjoy being woken up tenderly by my partner - he'd caress me into some sensual morning love making which is great, so emotionally filling and such a perfect start of the day. O.K., it's too early still I am up and it is late to play with him - I go get ready from A to Z.

Some time after we go out to the 7th floor to have breaky. We are staying at the "Diana Rooftop Gardens Hotel", not far from the Termini central station in Rome. The roof tops look good from the 7th floor of the hotel cafe. They have fresh flowers and nice seats with a sort of open terrace, like a balcony decorated with green bushes and plants.

Rome was photogenic and inspiring. It was full of patterns and beautiful frames.


History in High Heels

Before our trip, we searched online and found a great blog - History in High Heels - with tips for sights in Rome, so I am linking it for your reference. Whole visit to Rome was leaning on History in High Heels' plan of seeing Rome in 2 days. Enjoy.


Three C's - Colosseum, Cats and Blaine

After breakfast we arrive at Colosseum for 8.15 am. The sunrise is beautiful and light, it softly shines sunbeams through the Colosseum windows. Still, there is something rough about this trip, I just do not realize it yet.

As we enter, with little crowd, into the sight - I start walking around, taking pictures - he's reading some signs describing the place. Ground floor. Top floor. Some more pictures. More tourists crowd the place by now - nothing different to last time. Hm. I only like some symmetry shots inside the Colosseum and the fact that there was a scruffy cat walking by.. got him snapped with my Sony "Alfa".


His First "Wow"

We are off to the Roman Forum next. Walking an easy (green) tour in the burning sun, seeking water fountains and shade occasionally. My rusty Nikon lens is loud and does not allow candids of flowers. Never mind.

We find our way out, finally, and, passing the "Wedding cake" - Vittorio Emanuele II Monument, head over for a coffee and ice-cream to Piazza Venezia. I find out, that the Mussolini balcony building is now an art gallery. This is the building to the right hand-side if you are standing facing the "Wedding cake". Love the wedding cake building. Pantheon next. Enter - "Avanti Seniore! Do not block the entrance, pass". He lost me out of sight and I observed him shaking head being disappointed "I lost you".

I like the holy feel, that Pantheon gives and its open dome with the light beam shining through, it looks magical and is an absolute breath-taking eye-catcher.

Then we go to Piazza Navona. He loved the sight - his first "Wow" of the day.

I am hunting views and shots. Flat buildings with cafes and sun umbrellas especially stand out to me as a composition. We have lunch in one of such cafes. Expensive prices for the food, little value - nonetheless a delicious tomato brucceta.


Not Happy Anymore

It is after lunch. We head to the Trevi Fountain. On our way there he says "...You could easily get a job in Rome and move / live for some years"... I do not hear tips or opportunities, I only hear that there is no mentioning of any "future together" ...

Then he says "even though I wish I was a writer or wanted to work in London or so, my usual workplaces are always in other places than Rome or London and it turns out I'm good in my role so no-one is gonna give me a different job". We reach Trevi and I am photographing people with my telephoto - no problem. Overexposing 'cos of not checked settings - never mind, Lightroom is my best friend.

We walk to Spanish steps then. When travelling in 2014, I wanted to go see Spanish steps and was ready to announce it as my favourite sight, it looked so great on the pictures. I have not selected it as my fav after visiting it three years ago. This time also, nothing spectacular, just boiling hot and we go into the church at the top, then escape through side streets to the Capuccin bone church...this was a spooky unpleasant experience.

Side streets of Rome and its neighbourhoods recover me from the last sight with their with warmth and colour:

After a quick refresh at our hotel, we go to Roma Antica restaurant - another hidden treasure from my trip in 2014; we dine and I leave the table feeling thirsty.

We strall along Vittorio Emanuele square back to the hotel, holding hands. Having spotted a water fountain, I release my hand to pour myself some water. Finding my voice and dealing with the emotional thirst, I tell my partner that I am not happy anymore.


I have linked the Google map below for your comfort.

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