London Diaries

There are daily little things to be grateful for and there are big trips that just sooth your soul.

My weekend trip to London in 2015 was a total success and a spring of happiness. It revived me, piped new oxygen into my veins, entertained me, looked after me and spoilt with extras.


Dear diary, I'm grateful for managing to get the train from Stoke on time. And for the journey to be safe and successful. My chimp-self was automatically able to give me a hand and guide me through the maze of the London underground on an autopilot, brought me everywhere on time and I was very efficient.



Like a special agent on a secret mission, when my bag broke and I needed a new one - I just entered a shop and exchanged the backback. Also, all worked to the very exact minute, all my plans got accomplished. I got the DLR to Greenwich on time and arrived at the Queenshouse 30 mins before it shut for a private event which was an ok'ish-time-slot for me to go and keep shooting the tulip stairs. I did not leave that other hobby-photographer-guy in peace till I got my shots. Poor lad but come first server first.

Unexpectedly nice was an overview from the royal conservatory hill, even though it started to drizzle and all ground was dangerously slippery I managed to get safely everywhere. The leg was striking a bit but nothing unusual. How I wish it'd be healthy 200% again!

I never knew there was a Greenwich market. It was not quite like Borough still very pleasant.


Tottenham Court Rd

Getting back, checking into the hotel, that was so service oriented. In my room there were two bottles of water with compliments from the hotel, breaky was included and everything I dared to ask for was there.

A sleep after all that walking.

Evening out, walk from Tottenham to oxford circus, the pub where Bear and I dined upstairs and could not wish for a seat with a better view really. Oh I'm in love with London, every moment.

Turn left, walk towards Piccaddilly Circus. Nip into the Canarby district. The toilet pub lol, turn right. Shops everywhere and lots of tourists plus rich people. Go further onto the main street, see an awesome cupcake cafe with arrogant waiters and expensive prices.

Continue, see the Piccadilly screen with its adverts. Remember you want haegen datz ice-cream... Where was it again? The task to solve for my chimp...processing

Meanwhile, some videos and a guy working his voice like a machine. Proved to me that if exercised and practised every day, a human can achieve unbelievable results and those skills will help provide... If not, this is who you are so why not do it anyway if it makes you happy and others are fascinated.

Aha, remembered now where ice-cream is - it's in Lescester square. You can't spell the L word right-first-time. Go treat yourself to a scoop of choco and strawberry. Oh my, what a beautiful display of birds on the curtain covering a building under renovation, those beautiful birds are starlings, aren't they?

Try to catch those German girl-students close to Harrods? Gone? Never mind, film the area, take a pic, continue to Covent gardens and find Novello theater. Go to the show, but before, nip to the cafe for a camomile tea break. London is like full of plugs which don't change, go there 'cos it's familiar and charge yourself with memories and new impressions.

The show was ok, the music was awesome.

Go home, next time plan and look up in advance. You went in circles and back to your hotel via Africa really. Still destination matters, you arrived and slept.


Second Day

In the morning, I created 2 great videos about London.

Breaky, yeah, just awesome. Hot food, fruit, bakery, coffee, even pomegranate seeds and freshly pressed juices. I missed water melon. But I did not moan, it's been great. I mean, look at the sewing kits as a freebie in the hotel's wardrobe.

Ok, how about the British museum with an awesome architecture for you? Yes please!! Good job you packed your fish-eye lens for the phone. Managed my shots there. Before all the Chinese and other tourists filled up the place and got into your shots extensively.

What next? The river Thames. Usage of the fish-eye was continued and the dream to go to the shard was pursued. Still not too quickly. Let's explore the Catherine docks first. This island of quiet in busy London. I love that docks area. Again this is my plug of energy. That dog on the white yacht was absolutely priceless. Tower Bridge? Sure, after the girl and the dolphin. The dancing fountains and off to the shard. Great views from above the only negative thing was the reflection off the glass. And no open air only bits. Bur maybe they can't afford due to the height and the strength of the winds up there. We'll 68th, 69th and 72nd floor of shard explored. The girl advised to check out the wc. I did. The blind button was useful.

Well tiring I know. Walking along the Thames path, that was long but good and less busy. Nipped to Tesco and had lunch in Savoy garden. Off to Trafalgar square, never realised the gates lead to a huge alley which hits the round about at the Buckingham Palace. That was cool with all the Union jacks.

Last hit was my walk to Westminster. What a journey to London without seeing big Ben. At this particular time of the year I shot the clock tower in lavender bushes. Off to Euston via Victoria, end of journey.


Collect #wonder moments not things.

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